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Koos Coach in the "This is not Scrum" Comic (episode 12)

September 11, 2020



A problem with many teams is that they are not living in an environment where opportunistic discovery is supported or promoted. Teams are there to deliver, which we measure by monitoring their velocity. This is sadly a common practice. 

Scrum aims to create an environment where teams can tap into their full potential for creating great products. When the Scrum values are enacted, the safe environment needed for creative freedom can come to life. If we fail to create safety and trust, people fall back to creating safety in a different (and less valuable) way. Analysis paralysis is one of the patterns we can observe in those cases.

Do you see how the Scrum values relate to the pattern of analysis paralysis? 



The PO decides where the value is and is empowered to tell the team what to work on. In this way, the PO decides what the company is spending their money on. The PO role is extremely valuable in making the company vision come to life through the creation of product features. The PO is an agile Product Manager who understands the product, customer and the market environment and makes informed decisions on what the team needs to produce to create value for the customer. 

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