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The Scrum Practitioner Open assessment (update)

February 13, 2015

As people and organizations grow and mature their implementation of Scrum, they regularly check with us at about particular points of interest. Recently we have seen an increase in the need for help and inspiration in scaling Scrum and in ways to educate and assess Scrum practitioners.

Scrum Practitioner OpenAs a first step in further supporting those individuals, organizations and the software industry as a whole, we launched the Scrum Practitioner Open assessment about two weeks ago (end January 2015). The Scrum Practitioner Open assessment provides anyone with the ability to assess their skill to productively participate in a Scrum Team that is developing increments of software. The assessment is particularly useful for people on one of multiple teams engaged in a scaled development initiative.

The test, free to anyone taking it, has 15 questions to be answered in a time-box of 25 minutes. The test draws from questions from the upcoming, revised Professional Scrum Master level II assessment, as well as from a pool of specific scaling topics. The test is designed for people having applied and lived Scrum in diverse circumstances. The test is at the level of being a Professional Scrum Practitioner.

As we speak, in only two weeks, nearly 5,000 people have taken the assessment. The average score is 50.4%, where the passing score is 85%.

The test has lead to many conversations and debates. As an industry, we have room for improvement. We may be in need of additional education, certainly in need of growing ourselves more in a practice-based understanding of Scrum. One of our resources that will help people on their path of maturing Scrum is the updated PSM II assessment that we will soon launch, next to the new Scaling Professional Scrum class we have created and are rolling out.

In the meantime, the Scrum Practitioner Open assessment remains available for anyone to take.

Thank you for your participation.

ps. Read our announcement on the 2015 updates we envision for the Professional Series for the bigger picture.

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