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The Professional Series Updates 2015

January 8, 2015

In 2015, will refine the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) assessments, PSM I and PSM II, in line with following objectives:

  • PSM I tests practice-level insights and knowledge of Scrum required for anyone entering a Scrum Team to know how to participate.

  • PSM II tests the ability to apply the knowledge demonstrated through PSM I. It tests the ability to develop software effectively in a Scrum team and optimize common development issues based on the values of Scrum and the basis of empiricism and transparency.





Why Evolve the Professional Series?

Scrum is the most used process for software development, agile or otherwise. Organizations increasingly rely on Scrum to create value and compete. With assurance, they train their people with Professional Series courses, and they evaluate the knowledge and skills of people depending on their assessment credentials. addresses the evolved needs of teams, practitioners, and managers with an updated and finer grained curriculum.




Over the past five years, software professionals have benefitted from clear, focused professional development resources offered by

The courseware of’s Professional Series improves the ability to develop valuable software; the credentialing helps people assert their capabilities and organizations find people who have those capabilities.


We look forward to serving you better, and providing you better aids to improve your skills and get more out of Scrum.


Ken Schwaber                                               Gunther Verheyen

Founder of                                  Shepherding the Professional Series


Here is a link to this Announcement - The Professional Series Updates 2015. The document additionally holds an outline of the Professional Scrum credentials as envisioned through the 2015 evolutions.



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