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The Simple Guide To Scrum - 1 Pager

March 23, 2021 Simple Guide To Scrum - 1 has created The Simple Guide To Scrum – 1 Pager. A condensed and visual representation of Scrum on 1 page.

When I was learning Scrum I always wanted a Scrum 1 Pager or cheat sheet to help, but nothing I found was very useful. The existing resources were always inaccurate and/or omitted vital information.'s Simple Guide To Scrum – 1 Pager is different. It is fully in line with the Scrum Guide (2020) and contains a condensed view. it is great for quick reference and revision.

Free to download and no registration is required. Download The Simple Guide To Scrum – 1 Pager now.

Simon KneafseyHi, my name is Simon Kneafsey and I am a Professional Scrum Trainer with & I am on a mission to simplify Scrum for a million people. I have helped over 10,000 people so far and I can help you too.

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