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The Sprint Review and Transparency - Back to the foundations of the Scrum framework (03)

June 10, 2021

Scrum is founded on empirical process control, and transparency is one of the three pillars.

During each of the Scrum Events, and throughout the Sprint itself, the Scrum Team and the stakeholders need transparency so there is a common understanding.

Transparency as such is way more than bringing “visibility”. It is about reaching ”a common understanding”.

PS. Remember from earlier posts: I will repeat the above few lines in the coming blog posts: learning = repeating. ;-)


Today, we check the Sprint Review. 

Common understanding about what? 

About the Increment. What is the status right now? What capabilities, features, etc. does it have? What outcomes do we expect of it as it stands? What would we need to have next? How does the market evolve for our type of product? ...

Once these, and probably more, questions are answered by the team and the stakeholders based on their current knowledge and experiences - indeed, the stakeholders are part of your Sprint Review, so real users for example can provide you with lots of input - understanding, transparency is raised to levels you cannot achieve without them.


Common understanding amongst who? 

Amongst the Scrum Team and the stakeholders. 


Summary: At the end of your Sprint Review, does your Scrum Team and the stakeholders have a common understanding about the latest Product Increment?


Prompt: What does Transparency mean to you and your team? And how do you and your team use the Sprint Review to raise Transparency?


I hope you will find value in these short articles and if you are looking for more clarifications, feel free to take contact.

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The Sprint Review does bring Transparency


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