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A Tale of Two Leadership Styles

September 3, 2019

In this technologically advanced era, things have not performed the way they used to in the past, and there are many individuals, who find it challenging to walk side-by-side, with the transformation taking place in the society. There are many companies in the industry, who have left the traditional way of dealing things, and upgraded their style of working, by taking the help of the internet, and other platforms, and thus, this is the main reason that caused the organizations of today, to change their style of approaching and working.

This article will give you a clear explanation of how to become a good leader in this competitive world, and the techniques and tools required to reach the height of success.

Recently, experts declared that when work is done under an individual who carries good leadership skills in this troublesome habitat, it is likely to bear good fruit, unlike a surrounding that is much more peaceful. I have some particular individual in mind; you considered being a perfect fit for a world, where competition is high, and the situation is much more complicated. For starters, let's take the people from the group of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity, as they carry similar features, and these individuals work as a team to succeed in a common cause.

However, according to the Global Center For Business Transformation, there are probably four types of attributes that provide a difference, between the people who carry the skills of leadership, and the others who do not.

How To Understand The Individuals With Leadership Skills?

It is said that leadership is considered an essential part of management, where universally important skills like honesty, creativity, innovation, excellent communication, capability of making decisions, and inspiring others are required to become a good leader. Therefore, the four essential masteries that will allow, to provide a perfect answer when describing these leaders are Kind, Versatile, Talented, and Active.

These leaders are known to be:

1. Kind: These individuals open their doors to accept any type of important knowledge and information, from other individuals and wish to learn about them when they are not well-informed about it.

2.Versatile: They happen to accept a change, whenever there is one and get to show off their flexibility, in order to work hand-in-hand with the new information, in order to become much stronger than before.

3. Innovative: They are talented enough to carry out in a direction, which is long-lasting even though they happen to face small-term unpredictability.

4. Active: Staying active will allow them to be a good listener, perform interaction and deliver a good communication method, to stay in touch with the stakeholders, both inside and outside, and with their high level of curiosity and interest, they can easily learn and educate on the upcoming trends.

However, according to Liz Wiseman, she has declared leadership to have two types of faces.

The Diminisher

There are many individuals who happen to take out all the skills, knowledge and talents, from each of its team members, in order to become the “know it all”, among them. Liz Wiseman, also said that these individuals would put a barrier in front of the people, who are glowing with talent, and ultimately shut down the flow of ideas. You are well-aware of such people, since you might still work for them, or have worked with them in the past.


Individuals who wish to release the skills, talents, and techniques of their team, is crowned as the Multipliers. However, the multipliers do not use the power of its members on itself, but utilizes the innovative, knowledge and creativity among themselves, and so that whenever they enter a room with help of new solutions, issues are easily resolved in a flash.

If you want to know about the multiplier leadership idea, you can opt for the book related to it, where it will provide information on leaders, who help in making its team, smarter and skilled. The book is written by Liz Wiseman herself, and she is has performed research among 150 of the world’s most big names in order to describe, the individuals who provide the best to their team, and the ones who happen to destroy the potential of their team.

In the final results, researches estimated that about 90% of the skills of people and companies can be entered by the Multipliers. For the Diminishers, they cannot rise more than 48%, as they leave out the original talents behind, by failing to become trustworthy, using their control power or being too commanding, on how made a thing work.

On the other hand, when Multipliers are on the list, they are individuals who are capable to make the best out of their team members, in order to use the techniques, tools, and knowledge of its workforce, in a good manner.

Source: HBR


The Multiplier:

• Helps in doubling the work rate and receives access to the talents.

• Receives an entry to twice the available brain work.

• Builds an environment where the latest solutions exist.

Types of Multipliers and Diminishers

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The Diminisher:

- The Empire Builder: Individuals who do not utilize resources and talents.

- The Tyrant: Creates a rigid atmosphere where an individual's skills are vanquished.

- The Know-It-All: They are very commanding and keeps telling them how they know.

- The Decision Maker: Gets to make decisions that are hasty and confuses the company.

- The Micro-manager: Provides results through the participation that is done personally done by them.


- The Talent Magnet: Pulls in individuals who are skilled and utilizes their highest potential

- The Liberator: Helps in creating a surrounding where concentration and the job should be done properly

- The Challenger: Describes a chance that allows individuals to expand their ideas and behaviors

-  The Debate Maker: Performing a good amount of debating among team members to drive in the best decision

- The Investor: Invests on the skills and talents of individuals and delivers ownership

Become a Multiplier

• When you reduce your words a little, it will enable others to perform a contribution. As a Multiplier, your job to allow your team to expand their ideas and creativity, as they will simply have the solution, or look for them. A Multiplier need not look for the solution, they will show them the problem, and they need to look for a solution.

• There is no need to worry about things, if you want an answer you use your intelligence, and ask questions to receive the answers you need. This will enable your team to pause, think, and rethink again.

• Last, all you need to do is ask questions, and your team will provide you the answers. They will use their skills, knowledge, and intelligence. As a Multiplier, your job is to lead, and your team will provide you a long-lasting success.


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The Multipliers - By Liz Wiseman 


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