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Tips for Language Translation of Assessments and Trainings

March 31, 2019

Can we do the Scrum assessments in our mother tongue German, French, Polish or Portuguese? This is a question our students ask often.

Our trainings around Scrum aim at gaining knowledge in applying Scrum to improve on product development. To achieve this in an ideal way, we deliver our training in the language spoken locally. This might be German, Polish, French or other. This creates an optimal learning experience. 

In Europe and Asia most students of our courses would like to assess their knowledge with the assessments for PSM, PSPO, PAL-E, SPS, PSK or others. These assessments are available in English language only, since the high effort for maintenance in a highly evolving field is not justified.

The quality of automated translation tools evolve fast at the same time. Google holds a free translation plugin for its browser chrome, that can be of value for a non-native speaking student while assessing himself. To use this helper, download and install the chrome browser from google and install the translation plugin from this link:

After you have started the assessment, invoke the translator. You do this, by invoking the icon for translation on the right side in the icon bar. Google Translator Icon

You then can toggle each question between the original English text and your mother tongue.

If you would like to take advantage of this helper, please first test it with our free open assessments. This way you are sure not loosing time with tackling technical issues.


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