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Value-Driven Mastery: Relentlessly Focus on Value Over Outputs - From PM to PSM (06)

February 13, 2024

For a professional Project Manager transitioning to a Scrum Master, the shift to a value-centric approach is both fundamental and transformative. The project management principle "Focus on value" aligns perfectly with Scrum’s core tenet of delivering value through iterative and incremental development. In Scrum, value is not just an end goal; it is continuously realized throughout the product development lifecycle. This principle underscores the importance of aligning every effort with business objectives, customer needs, and the intended benefits.

Potential dangers for project managers, just picking out two from my experiences

  • Overemphasis on Deliverables: Traditionally, project managers may focus heavily on deliverables and timelines. In Scrum, this focus needs to shift towards outcomes and the value they bring.

  • Rigidity in Planning: project managers accustomed to fixed and detailed upfront planning may struggle with Scrum's adaptive and iterative nature, which is essential for maximizing value.

A Value-Focus in Scrum

  • Iterative Value Realization: Unlike traditional project management where value is mainly delivered once the project is finished, Scrum focuses on delivering value iteratively and incrementally, allowing for regular feedback and adaptations. This ensures that the product remains aligned with the real user needs and business goals.

  • Empirical Process Control: Scrum’s principles of transparency, inspection, and adaptation are key to focusing on value. Regularly inspecting progress and adapting the work based on feedback ensures that the team is always working towards the highest value as understood at that moment.

  • Stakeholder Collaboration for Value Creation: In Scrum, continuous stakeholder engagement ensures that the team understands what creates value for them. This collaborative approach helps in defining and refining the value to be delivered.

Steps you can take as Project Manager to transition to a professional use of the Scrum framework:

  • Shift to an Agile Mindset: Embrace the agile mindset of flexibility, responsiveness, and customer-centricity. Focus on delivering value rather than merely completing tasks and delivering outputs.

  • Learn to Embrace Change: Develop comfort with evolving requirements and plans. Understand that adapting to new insights, leading to changes, is key to maximizing value in Scrum.

  • Enhance Feedback Loops: Integrate regular feedback mechanisms into your process. Utilize Sprint Reviews and Retrospectives to gather insights and refine your approach for better value delivery.


Transitioning from a Project Manager to a Professional Scrum Master requires a fundamental shift in focus from deliverables to value. This journey is about embracing a value-centric approach where every effort, decision, and adaptation is aligned with delivering maximum value. Embracing this principle is crucial for Project Managers aiming to master Scrum and lead teams in creating impactful, valuable products.

Next Steps

Start by re-evaluating your current initiatives under a value lens. Engage in Scrum training to deepen your understanding of value-driven development. Remember, your role as a Scrum Master is pivotal in steering the team towards a continuous value delivery mindset. Let’s embark on this value-centric journey together.

Exploring this project management aspect within Scrum reveals a complex relationship between project management skills and agile practices which we only just touched upon. Project Managers can bring valuable expertise to a Scrum team, but realizing its full potential only happens when the skills are adapted and applied to each unique Scrum Team’s context.

I hope you find value in these short articles and if you are looking for more clarifications, feel free to take contact.


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