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When do you use Nexus?

October 20, 2015

Nexus Graphic

For the past 6 months, has introduced the Nexus Framework to thousands of people globally.   At a recent talk, someone asked:

So, when do you use Nexus?  When is it applicable?  How do we start?

Great questions.  If you are:


  • Building one product or one product family,

  • Using multiple Scrum Teams,

  • These teams are interdependent, and

  • Struggling with synchronization

You should try Nexus.  Nexus is the exoskeleton of scaled Scrum.  It is a formality of what we have learned from over 1000’s of successful and failed large Scrum projects for 20+ years.  Additional roles, events, and artifacts in the Nexus exist to increase transparency to manage the increased complexity of scale.

How do you start?

Nexus, like Scrum, is free.

Start by reading the Nexus Guide and then follow up with the Nexus Open.

The Nexus Open is a free online tool for the public on  It is for you and your team to assess your understanding of Nexus and to consider some of the scaling practices that you know, have been using, or may be missing.  You can take it as many times as you need.

Good luck.  Get started.









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