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Scrum Is Not the Point

November 6, 2023
The emphasis in product development should not be simply on correctly following the Scrum process, but rather on delivering a finished, working software; this is the true purpose of Scrum. Scrum provides a framework with established accountabilities, events, and artifacts which all relate to creating a working product. Therefore, using Scrum effectively will improve the delivery process. However, solely mastering Scrum won't guarantee success. The end goal should always be to deliver valuable, functioning software.
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"I’m Not Getting Anything Done"

April 9, 2021
I've given the same advice to almost all of my clients -- "you need a clearer Product Backlog", "You're working really hard but you're not getting anything done", and "You need to cut scope, launch your product with a more focused scope, launch it, and then get feedback." ...
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Top 3 Scrum People Skills Myths

February 24, 2017
As part of the on-going Scrum Myths series at, here are three myths related to people skills.  When I say people skills, I mean topics like emotional intelligence, emotional IQ, and person-to-person interactions.
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In Scrum, Beware of the Re-Write Project

October 7, 2014
I work with a lot of companies to help them to improve their development processes and to either adopt Scrum or improve how they’re currently doing Scrum.  Lately, I’ve noticed that a fair number of companies run into problems with a certain kind