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Exploring the Different Ways People Learn: A Discussion about Immersive Learning Formats

December 12, 2023

People learn in a combination of different ways and the same goes for how they choose to continue their learning journey and grow. One way is to extend your overall learning experience and apply learnings in the workplace as a part of your training, and then reflect on your experience in a classroom setting, which is know as Immersive training. In this panel discussion moderated by Sabrina Love, Product Owner of Courseware at, Professional Scrum Trainers Joanna Plaskonka, Alex Ballarin and Martin Hinshelwood share their thoughts on:

  • The various ways people learn, and what works best for some than others
  • How immersive training is a suitable format for learners who thrive in a learn, practice, apply, reflect learning cycle
  • What they have learned from students from their experiences training in different formats

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