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Finding the Right Balance as a Product Owner: How Engaged Should You Be?

July 26, 2018

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The role of the Product Owner has the ultimate goal of representing stakeholders to deliver value. A key attribute to achieving this goal is to be in tune with the Scrum Team to ensure they understand the items on the Product Backlog and get them to Done. In order to do so the Product Owner needs to:

-Be available to help clarify and negotiate to focus on getting to "Done"

-Set a vision and trust the Development Team with the implementation of the Product Backlog Items

-Bring stakeholders and the Development Team together to facilitate moves towards value

In this webinar, Professional Scrum Trainer, Rich Visotcky talks through real-life examples of how an engaged Product Owner can generate the most value. He also touches on examples of how a Product Owner can be overly present and cause more harm than good. He teaches how to strike the right balance in terms of the Product Owner's engagement with the Scrum Team.

About the presenter

Rich Visotcky is a seasoned agile trainer and coach, Professional Scrum Trainer with, one of two stewards for the Professional Scrum Foundations course, and Management 3.0 facilitator bringing years of experience in helping hundreds of people learn agile concepts and put them into practice in their daily work and lives. It is his mission mission to help people leverage different perspectives and new approaches to connect with what is truly important in their situation and solve the challenges they are facing. 

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