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Get a Grip on your Agile Transformation

June 20, 2023
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Agile transformation is an ongoing highly contextual journey. We believe an essential meta objective of every business is to stay relevant for as long as possible for its customers and stakeholders. That’s why every organization should discover their own transformation goal, form and path.

Org Topologies is a map with recognizable organizational archetypes that you can use to discover, improve and communicate your agile transformation journey. The map will allow you to explain org design using a common language to reflect on the challenges. Org Topologies will enable you to own and master your (customers') path toward higher states of adaptability, starting from wherever you are now.

In this Scrum Pulse webcast, Roland Flemm and Alexey Krivitsky walk through the Org Topologies map and will share insights of a year of Org Design discovery.

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