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How to Avoid “Reactive” Agile to Build a Sustainable Agile Culture

October 23, 2018

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Agile transformation in the enterprise is often driven by loss – loss of customers to competitors due to lagging product capabilities, loss of confidence from investors due to delayed releases, loss of revenue due to poor quality or capabilities, and loss of employees to more attractive employers. Faced with these losses, businesses rush to jump on the Agile bandwagon, only to fail to achieve meaningful improvements because they are just going through the motions. Succeeding with Agile means making fundamental changes, and not just in software delivery, but across the entire organization – business, development, operations, and all of the other supporting functions.

In this live webinar, Eric Naiburg, Director of Marketing and Operations for, describes how organizations can overcome these impediments by growing their Agile practices through empiricism, protecting Agile values, and changing the organization organically, team by team, product by product. Using real-world examples of businesses who have failed without and those who have succeeded with Agile, the audience takes away meaningful actions and a broader understanding of how to grow agility to build resilient Agile organizations.

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