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How to Improve Communication and Collaboration Between Developers and Scrum Masters

February 8, 2023

There is a common myth amongst Developers on Scrum Teams - "When the Scrum Master doesn't interfere with your work, it's already good." Such an opinion can be symptoms of a problem.

Scrum is a tool that helps people, teams and organizations generate value through adaptive solutions to complex problems. If Scrum is a source of frustration (because, for example, "the Scrum Master keeps on distracting us"), it's a sign that it is not Professional Scrum but the team is just going through the motions and not embracing what Scrum has to offer. In this Scrum Pulse, PSTs Joanna Plaskonka and Magdalena Kucharska talk about these misconceptions and consider what you can do to make working with Scrum Master better and more effective through communication.

You will take away the following:

1) Scrum Masters have a lot of positive energy and they want to help Developers, sometimes too much. Scrum Masters may get lost, too. The audience will see Scrum Masters' efforts and channel them towards something useful and valuable in terms of product development and good collaboration within the Scrum Team.
2) Language and intentions matter. Focus on what's behind the words you are using in relations with Scrum Masters (and other Scrum Team members)
3) We all thrive towards greatness and mastery. Scrum is there to help us, as well as Scrum Master. The audience will get some ready to use communication tools that they can work with and support Scrum Masters on their road to excellence.

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