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How Scrum can help “Break the Bias” - Special edition Scrum Pulse for International Women's Day

March 8, 2022

The theme of International Women's Day this year is Break the Bias. This theme calls on individuals to speak up against bias, stereotypes and discrimination. In Scrum, diversity is important for teams to thrive. Different perspectives, cultures, genders, races and backgrounds all add tremendous value in helping people and teams solve complex problems. What is International Women's Day?

In this discussion moderated by Patricia Kong, Professional Scrum Trainers Glaudia Califano, Reshma (Simran) Nagrani and Mica Syjuco breakdown what resonates with them regarding this theme of “Break the Bias” and then discuss how Scrum can help alleviate bias in their work as women in the Agile community and also in their personal lives.



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