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How Stack Sports used Nexus to Scale Scrum and Maximize Value

August 29, 2019

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Stack Sports had been practicing Scrum for 2 years and then had the need to scale quickly on multiple platforms. They needed to maximize value and create visibility across applications. Because of these needs they decided to use the Nexus framework for scaling Scrum to do so. Nexus extends Scrum to guide multiple Scrum Teams on how they work together to deliver working products in every Sprint. It shows the journey these teams take as they come together, how they share work between teams, and how they manage and minimize dependencies. They also eventually had a Nexus+ and descaled to separate Nexuses. 

In this webinar Brandon Shangraw, Director of Product and Abel Rios, Director of Engineering from Stack Sports, along with Patricia Kong, Product Owner, Enterprise Solutions, talk about their journey using Scrum and Nexus and hit on the following key principles that they focused on during their journey: 

- Keeping value at the core of the change with empiricism and Evidence-Based Management (EBM) being the foundation of decisions 
- Remembering that Nexus can help you scale the value of multiple teams, but it is not the cure for all problems 
- Keeping people at the heart of Nexus to ensure success

Here are 2 other good resources to learn more about Nexus:

- Video - Introduction to the Nexus Framework

- Webinar - What is Nexus? An Introduction to the Nexus Framework


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