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How to Use Scrum in Human Resources

August 3, 2021

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Scrum and Human Resources (HR) - how do they work together? And what are the implications of using Scrum within HR?

In this webinar, Professional Scrum Trainer Martijn Magermans and Agile HR Expert Astrid Karsten, author of Toolkit for Agile Talent Development, take you with them on a journey through agile HR from a Scrum perspective. This webinar is for both HR professionals with an interest in Agile & Scrum and for Scrum Professionals with interest in HR. Martijn and Astrid explore how Scrum can be used in areas such as performance management, rewarding and compensation, the employee journey and more. During this webinar you will:
- Get a clear understanding of what Agile HR is
- Learn how the Scrum Framework works in HR
- Learn how to make the first step toward increased agility within HR.

About Astrid

Astrid started her Scrum and Agile journey as a frontend developer in several teams. By then she was already most intrigued about the “human” factor in development and high performing teams. She continued her career as an Agile Consultant, mainly focusing on agile in infrastructure and non-IT. Since two years she has taken a deep dive in the wellbeing of humans from different perspectives; leadership, HR, personal agility and of course the perks agile and scrum could give in those areas.

About Martijn

Martijn's mission is to connect people, processes and technology, putting people at the heart of the
business. As an Agile Coach and trainer he helps clients effectively apply agile ways of working to
increase business value, employee happiness and customer satisfaction. He's been passionate about agile product development ever since I was asked to head the
development of a technologically advanced track and trace service used in hospitals. As a Product Owner he learned the benefits Scrum offered in controlling complexity and driving continuous improvement.

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