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Key Characteristics of Scrum Teams

 In order for a Scrum Team to be successful, they should be:

  • Cohesive - They should work together as a tight-knit collaborative team, supportive of one another and fostering trust among team members
  • Focused - Scrum Teams are focused on creating value and achieving the Product Goal
  • Cross-functional - The team consists of individuals with the diverse set of skills and experience needed to accomplish their goals
  • Self-managing - They are empowered by the organization to determine how to do their work without being directed
  • Non-hierarchical - They act as one team, with no sub-teams or organizational hierarchy
  • Accountable - The entire team is accountable for the success in creating a valuable, useful Increment every Sprint



Learning Series
The best way to support a team working on complex problems is to give them the space to determine how to do their work, rather than directing them. Learn about self-managing teams and their characteristics. Explore some myths and misunderstandings about self-management.



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