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Scrum + HR: Elevating Your Initiatives and the Profession

June 13, 2018

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As HR teams work within agile organizations, often leveraging Scrum, it can be difficult for them to fully support those organizations and teams. Working to increase HR's knowledge of agile and Scrum is a first step to supporting their collaborative partnership with these teams and individuals in order to create and enact the most valuable people practices to engage and develop talent. And, when you put Scrum up against any HR Initiative it fits - elevating and expediting the way cross-functional HR teams work to deliver real, incremental value to employees and organizations - taking the profession to new levels of strategic relevance. 
Scrum provides for unmatched collaboration, increasing resiliency to the complexity that often takes HR Initiatives off course and budget, too often unintentionally disengaging employees. This is a major shift for many HR teams - exploring ways that shift how they think about delivering value to their employees, business partners, and organizations. Leading change that truly makes a difference as serving leaders to the organizations they serve is the hallmark of a truly great HR organization. 

​During this webinar we explore where HR teams can elevate their initiatives and the profession by understanding the shift in working practices in an agile organization ​as well as harnessing the power of Scrum to deliver more frequent value to their most valuable of customers - the organizations they serve. 

Our Presenter

Beth Davis is the founder of The Llewellin Group and is an experienced leader, facilitator, and coach. Beth is known professionally for her ability to creatively align business strategy to people practices while keeping a passionate focus on workplace culture and values. Her experience spans the globe - ​working with multi-billion dollar organizations to high-growth entrepreneurial start-ups.​

Beth’s passion is working with organizations and teams to create workplace cultures that focus on the ​engagement, performance, and development of talent at all levels of the organization. ​Developing cultures of coaching that empower individuals, teams, and whole organizations to thrive.​

Beth is a native of the Pittsburgh Region and is a graduate of Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA. She holds SPHR certification from the HRCI and is also a certified Professional Scrum Master via


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