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Strobbo Adopts Professional Scrum to Accelerate Go-to-Market

Creating a learning culture, fostering transparency and building trust-based leadership

Strobbo Adopts Professional Scrum to Accelerate Go-to-Market Strobbo, an HR platform faced challenges with its software development processes. The company’s initial mechanical approach to Scrum, coupled with poor communication and lack of trust, hindered progress and morale. To address these issues, Co-Founder Bert Neels brought in Professional Scrum Trainer Steven Deneir to help.

The teams transitioned to Professional Scrum, focusing on self-management, cross-functionality, and goal-oriented planning. Scrum events were overhauled, and new techniques were introduced to improve engagement and transparency. Refinement sessions became collaborative, and a clear Definition of Done was established.

The transformation led to significant improvements within a year. Team morale and delivery improved, trust was rebuilt, and stakeholders became more engaged. The company adopted a learning culture, with team members actively participating in knowledge-sharing and continuous improvement. As a result, Strobbo’s go-to-market time improved, technical debt was addressed promptly, and production issues were efficiently managed. Read the full case study for more insights!

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