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Visualize Information with an Empathy Map

An empathy map is a visualization tool that helps the Scrum Team get a better  understanding of their user’s thoughts, feelings and experiences, so they can build and improve the product for their users. It is a technique used to create understanding and alignment. You can use an empathy map to collaboratively visualize and articulate what you know about a particular type of user. 

Typically an empathy map includes sections such as:

  • Say: What are your users saying? What have we heard them say?
  • Think: What are your users thinking? What are their goals, motivations, and concerns? What do they want to achieve?
  • Do: What do your users do? What are their actions and behaviors?
  • Feel: How do your users feel? What are their fears? What are their frustrations?

You can map all the data and insights you gathered from other techniques that you used, such as interviews, focus groups, reading reviews and surveys and build an empathy map. 


Empathy Map



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