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What makes a product valuable?

A product is valuable in three ways.

  • It helps a customer achieve something that they want to achieve, some positive outcome that they desire. (e.g. satisfied and happy customers)
  • It creates a positive impact for the business in money terms when customers use it. (e.g increases in revenue, profit, and market share)
  • It creates a benefit for society, not necessarily represented in money terms. (e.g. aid delivered, community engagement) 

Positive Outcome 

A positive outcome is an experience that helps to make a person’s life better. Positive outcomes help people to achieve their goals. A product that enables positive outcomes helps customers to achieve things that they could not otherwise achieve without your solution.

Business Impact

Business Impact refers to the impact that actions have on a business' sustainability. A product can impact a business in many ways, such as revenue generation, market positioning, brand reputation, compliance and long-term growth strategies.

Benefit to Society

In simple terms, benefits to society are the positive effects that something can have on society as a whole, such as health, education, community, and the environment. Products that are focused on benefitting society are used to help an organization fulfill their mission and can contribute to initiatives such as capacity building, developing partnerships, fundraising, and building awareness.



Blog Post
A critical, evidence-based reflection on a hunch that Scrum Masters may often be more concerned with the quality of the process than the value of its outcomes.
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Blog Post
Warren Buffett once said: “Price is what you pay, value is what you get.”
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Learning Series
This learning series discusses the importance of developing and delivering valuable product Increments in order to improve the outcomes that its users and customers experience. Scrum Teams deliver product Increments and measure the results to understand what customers want or need.


Scrum Teams often focus so much on the work they are getting done that they lose sight of the value they may or may not be delivering to their customers. This short video explores how one Scrum Team lost their way, but got back on track by focusing on customer outcomes. (3:33 Minutes)
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Learning Series
The objective of a Scrum Team is to deliver value to customers and stakeholders. Product Value actively drives customer satisfaction, loyalty, brand reputation, and the longevity of a business by providing customers with benefits that satisfy their needs.