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What is a Product?

A product is a vehicle for delivering value, meaning valuable outcomes, to customers.

Outcomes are experiences that help the customer to achieve, or at least make progress toward, a goal that they value.

The word "product" encompasses a broad range of solutions that organizations can use to deliver valuable outcomes to their customers. For example:

  • A physical object that a customer can hold in their hands, such as a camera or a mobile phone
  • A digital experience, like a digital game or an app for communicating with friends
  • A service, such as a travel agency or an event planning service
  • A combination of all of the above, as in the case of an automobile that has a component you can drive, but also over-the-air digital updates to software, and service centers where they can be repaired. From a customer’s perspective these are all aspects of their experience with the automobile, not three separate products

Products are delivered to customers in product Increments, sometimes also called product releases. Each product Increment seeks to improve the outcomes experienced by its customers.


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