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What is Product Value?

Product Value is the benefit that a product provides to a customer to increase their satisfaction and needs. It can also be considered as the benefit that the organization gains from the product represented in terms of money, or benefit to society. When a team and organization deliver value, they are contributing to aspects like customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, brand reputation and the longevity of a business - business value. 

It is important to know that the only way for a Scrum Team to deliver product value is to release a product Increment. 


Product Value - Release to Realize

Teams and organizations should monitor and understand a product’s value in order to manage a product, product portfolio and business strategy effectively. They must keep product value in focus by regularly validating whether their products are valuable by measuring the value their products deliver. Otherwise, they are producing waste.



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Perhaps,there is no single definition of business value. The concept may vary depending on the context. However, it might be considered as a benefit for an organization.
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Scrum Teams often focus so much on the work they are getting done that they lose sight of the value they may or may not be delivering to their customers. This short video explores how one Scrum Team lost their way, but got back on track by focusing on customer outcomes. (3:33 Minutes)
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The objective of a Scrum Team is to deliver value to customers and stakeholders. Product Value actively drives customer satisfaction, loyalty, brand reputation, and the longevity of a business by providing customers with benefits that satisfy their needs.