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Scrum is defined completely in the Scrum Guide by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland and is maintained independently of any company. The Scrum Guide is translated and available in over 30 languages.
4.6 from 262 ratings
There are many benefits to optimizing the flow of work in Scrum by leveraging Kanban practices and this guide is designed to enhance and expand the practices of Scrum and assumes the reader is operating a process using the Scrum framework.
4.5 from 18 ratings
Evidence-Based Management is a framework organizations can use to help measure, manage, and increase the value they derive from their product delivery. EBM focuses on improving outcomes, reducing risks, and optimizing investments.
4.6 from 90 ratings
This is the audio version of the Nexus Guide.
5 from 3 ratings
This is the German audio version of the Nexus Guide.
4.5 from 1 rating
This document provides an overview of the changes made to the Nexus Guide over time.
5 from 5 ratings
Nexus builds upon Scrum’s foundation and minimally extends the Scrum framework to enable multiple teams to work from a single Product Backlog to build an Integrated Increment that meets a goal.
4.8 from 10 ratings
An online version of The Definitive Guide to Nexus
4.6 from 163 ratings
The Agility Guide contains the definition of Evidence-Based Change, a publicly available framework for managing change to improve outcomes, reduce risk and optimize investment. Evidence-Based Change is developed and sustained by Ken Schwaber and
4.6 from 4 ratings