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Scrum Singapore is the home of Scrum in Singapore. 

We're the first and, at this moment, the only partner representing in Singapore and one of the few organisations globally accredited to teach the entire course curriculum of

Knowing Scrum and understanding Scrum are two different things. Our mission is to help you understand Scrum through its values and principles. Going back to its simplicity to trigger maximum change with a solid foundation. We believe that this will help you and your organisation deliver value in the long run. An "easy" statement with a lot of hidden complexity. To do this by:

  • Providing fun, highly interactive training without PowerPoint slides to help you understand what Scrum is and what it isn't. The power but also the weaknesses of this framework.
  • Writing blogs and making vlogs to share our Scrum experiences with you.
  • Organising meetups and conferences to connect professionals with Scrum.
  • And last but not least, developing awesome products which you can use to improve your Scrum today! 

Our classes are somewhat unconventional. We don't do PowerPoint slides, and we don't think the traditional "we talk, you listen" is fun, nor is it effective. Also, we don't like spaces designed for big meetings or school settings. Instead, we've redesigned our classes in a workshop format to keep them highly interactive, engaging and fun so that it sticks!

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