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How Can I or My Organization work with

There are many opportunities for individuals or organizations to collaborate with Provided below is some information we hope you will find helpful, regardless of which specific route you/your organization may wish to pursue.

  1. If you wish to contact any of our licensed Professional Scrum Trainers to come to your organization to teach an official course (or if you would simply like to receive a price quote for a course from one of our PST's):

    Unlike other certifying organizations, all official courses have standardized curriculum delivered by Professional Scrum Trainers who have undergone a rigorous selection process. You can be confident in the quality and value the training will provide.

    Our trainers are responsible for setting onsite class date availability, training costs, etc., so the best way to move forward with this would be to contact some of our trainers directly. A trainer can provide you with information regarding his/her availability to come to your site/location and can provide you a quote on the associated costs, etc. Please see our Contact a Trainer page, where you can connect with some of our trainers.

    You can narrow down your search by country, type of courses offered, etc. After narrowing your search, you can click on a trainer and receive a link to contact that trainer directly so you may inquire about cost, availability, etc., as you wish.

    Note: Any official course provides each attendee with a complimentary (free) attempt at the correlating Level I assessment.
  2. If you wish for internal individuals at your organization to become certified as Professional Scrum Trainers who may teach official Courses:

    To ensure that utmost of quality is delivered during our courses, we only certify individual trainers (Professional Scrum Trainers) to instruct our courses and gain access to our official courseware. We have a dedicated path for individual trainers to become certified to join our Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) community and become certified to teach courses developed by

    If you are interested in having any of the individuals at your organization become certified as a Professional Scrum Trainer with to, there's a fairly rigorous application and approval process. More information on this process and a link to the PST applications can be found via the PST Selection Process page here.
  3. If you are interested in becoming a member of our Professional Training Network (PTN):

    The Professional Training Network (PTN) consists of a group of organizations that has officially recognized as providers of training. PTN recognition can be achieved by having either on-staff PSTs, and/or contracted PSTs teach a qualifying number of Professional Scrum classes. All courses include one free assessment attempt for participants, and those who score 85% or higher will receive the industry-recognized certification.  

    PTN members align with the Scrum Values and are committed to improving the profession of software delivery in part by providing training. Joining the PTN will enable your company to leverage the premium brand, courses and Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) community. If you are interested in joining this network, please find a link to the apply here.
  4. If you simply wish to purchase official assessments from to offer your clients/customers: also offers several industry-recognized certifications, all based on achieving a score of 85% or higher on a rigorous online assessment. While we do not license our tests to third parties, all of our Professional-level assessments for certification are available for purchase by the public. Currently, anyone can buy passwords to attempt any of our Professional-level assessments through our website. Additional information for each assessment and the associated cost, etc. can be found here:

    Please click on the "Learn More" link below the specific assessment type(s) you are interested in to find additional information including target audience, subject areas, cost, etc.