University Partner Program believes that individuals should have all the tools necessary to join the workforce as productive and valued members of their teams.

Therefore and our community of Professional Scrum Trainers is pleased to work with universities to help their students understand and gain the practical skills necessary to work in a fast-paced digital environment that requires a relentless focus on providing customer value by continuously adapting and expanding product offerings. University Partners have recognized and addressed the importance of educating students about how work is practically done, and these universities provide graduate and undergraduate students (typically in MBA, computer science, or engineering programs) with curriculums that incorporate education in the philosophy of Agile/Scrum. University Partners have either built their curriculum using the Scrum Guide which is the body of knowledge for Scrum as written by its creators, Resources, and/or integrated formal Professional Scrum Training into their curriculum. In all cases, Certification Assessments are used to measure and validate student understanding of the Scrum framework and adapt the curriculum as needed.

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