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Zen Ex Machina is an agile management consulting company. We work collaboratively with corporates and government agencies to help them create digital products and services that people love. ZXM is the most experienced agile coaching consultancies in government in Canberra. Our experience and achievements were recently recognised by APAC CIO Outlook March 2016 as one of the most 25 promising agile companies in the APAC region. ZXM has coached over 45 teams across 20 organisations and trained over 600 people in the last five years.

Our agile coaches have worked collaboratively with government departments and agencies to help organisations, portfolios, programmes and teams to be as effective as possible by: We achieve results of elegant simplicity for our clients through the multidisciplinary application of agile methods, including Lean and Scrum, organisational psychology and change, and best-practice strategic and tactical IT frameworks.

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Upcoming Classes

Live Virtual
Date: Nov 22-23, 2023
Language: English
Class Format: Traditional
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Australia/Sydney