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We cannot do scrum without feature team.

Last post 07:26 pm July 21, 2021 by Kenneth K. Mak
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04:28 am June 23, 2019

Many a times, while reading and understanding scrum, feature team, component team such teams arrived.

I found that scrum is best with feature teams.

So the statement "We cannot do scrum without feature team."

will be true or false?

06:55 am June 23, 2019

“We cannot do scrum without feature team”

Assume that Scrum is indeed best with feature teams. Do you think this means feature teams are destined to succeed with Scrum, while component teams are destined to fail?

11:08 am June 23, 2019


No, as per as my knowledge and experience , scum can be done with both kind of teams . And result will be more good with feature team rather than component team.

So the answer will be false.. right?


11:26 am June 23, 2019

And result will be more good with feature team rather than component team.

I think there are a lot and more determining factors to this subject to make this a valid statement ;)

But all being equal.... nah, thats not how the world works ;)

08:06 am June 24, 2019

How could "Individuals and interactions over processes and tools" be interpreted in this case?

09:24 am June 24, 2019

We can do scrum without feature team or not???

05:54 pm June 24, 2019

@Tejas and @Santosh

Everyone in this thread has asked valid questions.  If you can find the answer to those questions for your organizations you will be in a much better state.

In my opinion, there is really no right answer to your questions. The Scrum Guide does not say anything other than let the Development Team self-organize, the Development Team needs to deliver a potentially releasable increment each Sprint and that no one can tell the Development Team how to turn Product Backlog Items into potentially releasable increments. What ever works best for the Development Team and the organization as a whole is the way that the Development Team should organize. 

In real life, I have seen teams switch back/forth between working as a component team and a feature team based on the work that is being done to deliver value. This requires developers that can and are willing to work on any need that the team has and not persist on working in silos. I have also seen teams pick one or the other but this has to happen across the entire organization in a way that the two types of teams can collaborate in order to be delivering the work that is needed by all stakeholders. 

08:50 am February 25, 2020

Thanks for your contributions on this interesting topic! I'm going to attempt a "final summary", and I'd like very much to have your feedback :-)


By researching on this topic, I've found this interesting readings:

  • LeSS
    • Feature teams, Components Teams, etc. Link
  • blog:
    • Relationship between Feature Team and Cross Functional Team, link
    • Feature Teams vs Component Teams, link
    • We cannot do scrum without feature team (this post).



Accordingly to the Scrum Guide, a Scrum Team must be:

  • self-organizing - Members directs itself.
    • << choose how best to accomplish their work >> [Scrum Guide]
  • cross-functional - It has all is necessary (skills, resources, etc.) to transform a PBi into an Increment.
    • << have all competencies needed to accomplish the work without depending on others not part of the team >> [Scrum Guide]

It is also fair to affirm that Scrum Teams:

  • have an Increment "Done" by the end of the Sprint,
  • pursue the Sprint Goal,
  • are made by a PO, a SM and a DevT,
  • etc.

Accordingly to LeSS, a Feature Team is defined as:

  • a long-lived (<< stays together for years >>),
  • cross-functional,
  • cross-component team
  • that completes many end-to-end customer features—one by one << responsible for complete customer-centric feature >> (so, PBi are "customer centric features").

Moreover, a Feature Team has these characteristics:

  • co-located,
  • composed of generalizing specialists,
  • in Scrum, typically 7 ± 2 people,
  • self-managing team
  • dedicated team members << 100% allocated to the team >>
  • shared team responsibility for all the work


So, as far as I can see, it looks like Feature Team is a more stringent definition with respect to Scrum Team:

  • a Feature Team is (always) a Scrum Team;
  • a Scrum Team can/cannot be a Feature Team.


The affirmation "We cannot do Scrum without Feature Team" is wrong. Feature Teams are certainly allowed in Scrum, still not mandatory. Scrum just requires to have proper Scrum Team, as defined by the Scrum Guide.


10:52 am July 21, 2021

In the 2020 scrum guide, it mentioned. " Scrum Teams are cross-functional, meaning the members have all the skills necessary to create value each Sprint."

Does that mean it is explicitly stated that Scrum is only for Cross-functional, therefore feature teams?

If there's no right or wrong answers here and if the scrum guide doesn't explicitly say so, then I think we should stop testing people this in the scrum exams?

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