Need Advice for passing PSM -1 Certification

Last post 06:37 pm August 12, 2020
by Satyabrata Sahu
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10:50 pm August 5, 2020

I failed my first attempt and the areas I did poorly were :

Product Backlog Management

Product Value

Scrum Values

Any suggestions on books/ material for these weak areas ?


Thanks in advance.



05:14 pm August 6, 2020

I would suggest starting with the links in those results that were sent to you which point to a number of resources to help.  Also, training is always an option.

02:02 pm August 10, 2020

Agree with Eric. The page about the PSM1 gives all of the info you would need to study to pass the exam with flying colors. Start there.

07:22 am August 12, 2020

Training, like Eric said, is an option that I would always recommend. The lessons and information that you get out of that are vastly bigger than most books or blogs can provide. Also try to do the open assessments as sort of a guideline to see where you could potentially improve.

09:03 am August 12, 2020

Sending the advice from another post

1. Read success story posts on this forum. This gave me a clear direction of how to prepare.

2. Three Resources: Scrum GuideScrum Open Assessment, Techagilist and Mikhail Lapshin's practice exam in real mode.

3. Be an active reader, involve yourself with the Scrum guide and respect its density. Question yourself about understanding of specific rules, roles, artifacts, and events.


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