Self-Study Materials for PSD 1 Assessment

Last post 06:40 pm November 25, 2019
by Ashwin Kumar Madan Lunkad
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07:13 am October 22, 2014


Some colleagues and I are interested in the Professional Scrum Developer certification. However, it is not feasible for us to attend the course.

So, is there any learning material related to the PSD 1 course, e.g. books, articles, available that we could use to study for the PSD 1 assessment ourselves?


06:13 am October 29, 2014
06:40 pm November 25, 2019

Hi. Could any of you please share your experience of taking PSD 1 exam and the resources you used to gain knowledge and pass the exam. I am Full stack Developer/Business Analyst and have several years of experience working in Scrum team. I also recently passed PSM 1 and PSPO 1 certifications in first attempts. I am planning to take PSD 1 exam soon. Thanks you in advance.