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How to Improve Communication and Collaboration Between Developers and Scrum Masters

February 8, 2023
Scrum is a tool that helps people, teams and organizations generate value through adaptive solutions to complex problems. If Scrum is a source of frustration (because, for example, "the Scrum Master keeps on distracting us"), it's a sign that it is not Professional Scrum but the team is just going through the motions and not embracing what Scrum has to offer. In this Scrum Pulse, PSTs Joanna Plaskonka and Magdalena Kucharska will talk about these misconceptions and consider what you can do to make working with Scrum Master better and more effective through communication.

10 Tips to Enable Self-Managing Teams

January 31, 2023
In this webinar, Professional Scrum Trainer Ravi Verma shares a play from his Scrum Adoption Playbook – the Scrum Team Quick-Launch or Reboot. He shares the 10 common barriers to the emergence of self-managing Scrum Teams and the 10 practices we use to help Scrum Teams break-through these barriers. He will also leave you with one concrete action you can take immediately after the webinar to deepen your learning and bring this approach to your organization.

Tips to Overcome Agile Skepticism

January 18, 2023
The idea of self-managing teams who have flexible scope and timelines can be perceived as daunting to some executives and senior leaders. In this session, Professional Scrum Trainer, Mary Iqbal will talk about some of the common misconceptions about Scrum and Agile in general from a leader’s perspective and how to overcome them.

The Continuous Hunt for Value - The Unfortunate Reality for Many Scrum Teams

December 7, 2022
This ScrumPulse Webcast moderated by Dave West, CEO of, Tomasz Maj, Expert at McKinsey, and Rishi Markenday, Professional Scrum Trainer, discuss their research and initial findings as presented in the new paper titled - “In pursuit of value, not work.” They will describe how companies typically have four key missed opportunities to focus on value and what organizations, teams, and individuals can do to incrementally add value by capturing those missed opportunities.
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Why you Should be Looking for Organizational Trailblazers

December 7, 2022
Somewhere along the line, people and organizations seem to have lost a certain sense of pragmatism. Job requirements are more focused on theoretical knowledge, rather than certain (work)life skills. In other words, we need to focus more on solving challenges, and less on flashing around theoretical achievements.
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Facilitation and Conflict - Why?

December 6, 2022
As a facilitator, your purpose is to hold the space to allow the people in the event to achieve the agreed outcomes. This will require distance from the participants as the focus is on helping the people work through the agenda to deliver the outcomes. This is the first of a four part series.
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Workshop-Anleitung: So erklärst du Scrum Teams die Groan Zone – ohne Arbeit in die Vorbereitung zu investieren

December 5, 2022
Die wichtigste Aufgabe als Facilitator ist nicht, zu facilitieren. Stattdessen solltest du deinem Team die Groan Zone erklären. 99 % der Scrum Master machen den Fehler, dass sie ihr Wissen und ihre Erfahrung mit Gruppendynamik nicht mit ihrem Team teilen. Dadurch zwingen sie ihr Team bei der Moderation von Scrum Events vom Scrum Master abhängig zu sein. Teilst du hingegen dein Wissen über die Groan Zone mit deinem Scrum Team, dann wird Facilitation eine Fertigkeit jedes Teammitglieds. Damit stärkst du wirksam die Fähigkeit zum Selbstmanagement. Selbstmanagement zu fördern, ist der eigentliche Auftrag jedes Scrum Masters.
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What Is Personal Scrum?

December 2, 2022
Life is complex, and unpredictable, and we all have to deal with it daily. The Personal Scrum System helps people find success in their lives by setting and achieving Goals.
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Building Blocks of the Next Generation of Organisations

November 29, 2022
No matter what the future brings, building a capable and resilient organisation is the need of the hour. At tryScrum, our mission is to help organisations become capable and resilient. In this blog, I will share my experience of some of the tenets that helped organisations I worked with. This model aims to show you what to strive for and how to get started to become a high-performing organisation.
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How Scrum Event Timeboxes make your Team More Effective

November 28, 2022
Every Scrum event has a maximum allowable time period to carry it out, called a timebox.  While Scrum events have a maximum amount of time, they do not have a minimum amount of time. Let’s look at all of the event timeboxes and how they make Scrum Teams more effective.
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Risikomanagement in Scrum – Warum jedes Unternehmen einen Scrum Master braucht

November 28, 2022
„Niemand hat dich gebeten, zu kommen!“ Jeder erfahrene Scrum Master wurde wohl schon einmal mit einer solchen Aussage konfrontiert. Betrachten wir ein beliebiges Produkt. Dann sehen wir: Entwickler entwickeln das Produkt. Designer stellen sicher, dass es eine gute Nutzererfahrung bietet und toll aussieht. Der Product Owner vertritt die Probleme und Wünsche der Kunden. Marketer kümmern sich darum, dass die Menschen vom Produkt erfahren. Der Vertrieb hilft potenziellen Kunden, ihre Kreditkarte zu zücken und das Produkt zu kaufen. Und der Kundensupport sorgt dafür, dass bei Kunden über die Jahre kein Frust entsteht. Was sonst braucht man in der Produktentwicklung?
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Como priorizar para obtener agilidad de negocio

November 27, 2022
En esta serie de cuatro artículos, con la que inicié esta newsletter, quería compartir un modelo de agilidad de negocio basado en aumentar y acelerar las etapas mediante las cuales se descubren ideas de innovación, se priorizan, se ejecutan y se validan. En el primer artículo hablé de como acelerar el descubrimiento de opciones de innovación. En este segundo, hablaré de cómo acelerar y hacer más efectiva la priorización de estas opciones.

Dual Tracking

November 26, 2022
Dentro de un Sprint se busca aprender con diversas formas para conectar con el cliente a través de UX, pero siempre combinando con el trabajo necesario para entregar un incremento de producto terminado y evaluar el impacto medible en los clientes (outcomes) en cada Sprint. El desafío en Scrum con UX es identificar formas de desarrollar un enfoque de UX emergente que ayude a la entrega de producto en cada Sprint buscando el rimo adecuado de cada tipo de trabajo.

50 Frequently Asked Scrum Master Questions Answered

November 23, 2022
Join Professional Scrum Trainers Evelien Roos and Laurens Bonnema for Scrum Pulse webinar focused on 50 Scrum Master frequently asked questions. In this session, they will share the answers to some of the most popular questions they get from students during their training courses.

Professional Agile Leadership - Part 3 - Hierarchy and More

November 23, 2022
In this episode of the Community podcast, Kurt Bittner, PST Ron Eringa and PST Laurens Bonnema come together again to join host Dave West for a discussion on some of the topics in the new book, The Professional Agile Leader, including hierarchy and shifts to more flat, agile organizations. (27:32 Minutes)
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Lernen bedeutet nicht wissen! 4 Schritte, um in Schulungen jeden einzubeziehen und der reinen Wissensvermittlung den Rücken zu kehren

November 21, 2022
Im letzten Jahr habe ich über 40 Workshops für Scrum Master, Product Owner und Führungskräfte durchgeführt. Willst du ein Geheimnis wissen? Ich benutze jedes Mal das gleiche Vorgehen. Egal, welches Thema oder Publikum, ob online oder in Präsenz. Der Lernerfolg eines Trainings wird nur durch einen Faktor bestimmt: wie gut du als Trainer es schaffst, die Teilnehmer einzubeziehen. Wenn du weiterliest, teile ich mein Vorgehen mit dir.

Un Product Owner no es un Project Manager

November 19, 2022
Seguro que si trabajas en la empresa privada habrás oído hablar del Project Manager e incluso puede que en tu lugar de trabajo contéis con uno de ellos. También me apostaría alguna cosa, que en tu organización tenéis Product Owner y Project Manager. El tridente de la duplicidad de responsabilidades y roles. Pero, ¿realmente sabes en qué consiste este perfil profesional y cuáles son sus tareas y competencias?

When, Why and How Facilitation Skills Help Scrum Teams

November 17, 2022
Effective Facilitation helps Scrum and Agile Teams leverage differences in positive ways, guiding teams to frame their discussions with clear purpose, decisions, outcomes and engagement with one another. In this article, Patricia Kong talks about how facilitation can make or break team interactions, the amount of facilitation needed in certain scenarios, how to drive decisions with facilitation and more.
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What are the focus areas of an Agile Coach?

November 16, 2022
Though, there is no universal definition of what is an Agile Coach. I want to define, Someone who developed deep expertise to help people, teams, and organisations enable better customer outcomes by focusing on an organisation’s internal and external orientation.