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The Professional Training NetworkTM (PTN) consists of a group of organizations that has officially recognized as providers of training. Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs) work with PTN members to deliver Professional Scrum training and abide by the high quality standards of

PTN members align with the Scrum Values and are committed to helping people and teams solve complex problems in part by providing training.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Professional Training Network, contact us and let us know

effective Agile
effective agile.
effective agile. is a thought leading agile company offering coaching, consulting and trainings to blue chips companies mostly in Germany, Switzerland, UK, and USA, but also in emerging countries in Eastern Europe and Greece.
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Valuerise Consulting
We enable people to not only make a living with what they do, but also to find personal fulfillment. We do this with our experience, our knowledge, and our vast network of seasoned professionals. At the same time, we work with you to improve the value delivery of your teams, products and company through agility and excellence. As a PTN member, we deliver Professional Scrum Trainings primarily in Germany. We only teach what we live ourselves, every day.
Edge Agility Logoo
Edge Agility
We believe in providing a competitive edge to your organisations through Agile ways of working. Our training and coaching help people to build new skills in today’s complex world where customers’ needs and technologies are changing at a rapid pace. We respect our clients’ needs and build tailor-made solutions that will provide a competitive edge.
oriions logo
ORIIONS is an Agile Training organization located in France close to Biarritz. We care about people and values  and we truly believe in Scrum values, apply them in our daily work (training, coaching, mentoring, leading to change) and promote them for having more sustainable organizations.
Accentient is a company that has proven itself within the Application Lifecycle Management, Scrum, and DevOps community and continues to exceed the expectations of our clients.
Pyxis Technologies
Pyxis Technologies is a software development company. Having used Agile approaches for more than 15 years, Pyxis stands out for its range custom services in software development, consulting and training.
Turbo Scrum Logo
Turbo Scrum
Turbo Scrum provides training focused not only on Scrum but also on complimentary approaches and techniques.
Peter Gotz
Peter Goetz
Peter offers the PSF, PSM, PSPO, PSD and SPS trainings and works mainly in Europe, but also travels to more distant places. 
Agile in the Spotlight Logo
Agile in the Spotlight
Helping each business to grow is our main mission. We aim to reduce waste, improve Agility, move your company toward a customer and value-oriented organization. Regardless of your industry, we will help you apply an Agile and Lean-based approach for managing complex products and measuring Agility. We offer a wide variety of accredited courses, proprietary training, and consulting in Product Discovery, UX, Agile Transformation, and Management 3.0.
Scrum Evolution Logo
Scrum Evolution
Scrum Evolution helps people and organisations connect purpose with performance. Formed in 2016 to provide Scrum Training via the curriculum it has grown to a consultancy that provides training, mentoring, coaching and consultancy services on agile including Dev Ops, Extreme Programming, Kanban, LeSS, SAFe, Scrum, and Systems Thinking. In addition, we are certified trainers in Training from the Back of the Room (TBR) and accredited coaches via the International Coaching Federation (ICF). We can create bespoke train the trainer programs enabling our clients to take ownership of their own people development in the agile space while embedding a coaching culture within their management.
Wowefy Logo
Master the Ways of Working of Successful Organizations Wowefy was created to inspire and actively help companies on their journey towards business agility. We partner with organizations on their way to agile success and, by making best use of coaching, training, and facilitation, we help them become the business that they want and need to be. For ambitious individuals, we accompany you in your journey to personal success through a wide range of transformational training and workshops, designed to help you lead the way with agility.
QA Logo
The QA Agile practice offers one of the most comprehensive learning offerings in the industry, with 60+ courses covering the full breadth of practitioner specialisms at all knowledge levels meaning we can meet the complex learning needs of organisations adopting and growing Agile capability.
Scrum On Logo
Scrum On
Scrum On is an Agility consulting firm located in the greater Boston area, serving all six New England states. We specialize in premium Agile and Scrum training, certification, coaching and transformations. Scrum On is led by Chris Belknap, a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Program Consultant (SPC), who has worked with Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Development Teams since 2008. Whether you’re just getting started with Scrum and need to learn the fundamentals, or you’re struggling to make Scrum work for your organization, let us relieve your pain and make heroes today!
Agile Leadership School Logo
Agile Leadership School
Our Mission is to help you develop a leadership style that stimulates creativity, greatness and engagement. By doing so we create organizations where people love to work and create value to the world. We believe that leadership should be implemented in all levels of an organization: from teams to managers and executives. As an Inspiring Leader you always need to be one step ahead of the teams you lead. We guide you on your journey towards Inspiring Leadership, so you can lead by example. Our Learning Journeys are a combination of self-learning, online guidance and physical guidance.
Info Trek
Info Trek
Info Trek is a leading provider of corporate technology training in Malaysia. With more than 20 years of training and development experience, we bring learning to everyone who seeks to better themselves be it enterprise training courses, or individual professionals and enthusiasts. Our core business is built on training and nurturing learners to instill them with the ability to go beyond their limits; arming them with knowledge to keep up with the fast-paced corporate world.
Try Scrum Logo
Our mission is to Humanize Organizations by going deeper to unlock prescience  to challenge the established thinking and drive Transformation. We bring the right people together to build capabilities that enable Organizations to achieve sustainable transformation. brings great value to clients by building capabilities through our training, Coaching and consulting services.
AdaptIdeas Coaching & Training
AdaptIdeas Coaching & Training is a Brazilian company, inspired by turning good ideas into simple, useful and intelligent products. The company has gained "life itself" from the launch of the product called BuscandoCursos and has been inspecting and adapting over the years. Today our biggest challenge is to help our clients think about agility in a more dynamic and pragmatic way.
Rebelsi Logo
Act. Learn. Change. As Rebelsi, we believe that serious changes require courage, drawing conclusions and constant adaptation based on new knowledge. This is how we operate and we teach our clients the same. For several years, our trainers and consultants have been helping to increase the effectiveness of teams, growing leaders and shaping organizations. We work hard every day to unleash the creativity and intelligence of the people we work with. If you are looking for professionals who say what it is like, boldly name reality and will not let you run away from it, then we are at your disposal.
ST Logo
Scrum Trainer
At Scrum Trainer, we want to be part of your next step in your professional development to grow and master your skills. Scrum Trainer was founded by trainers with real world experience in dealing with complex problems within complex organisations. We combine our solid experience in the field and training to help you discover how professional scrum can help deliver real value. We offer certified Agile and Scrum training, consulting and coaching to work with your teams to deliver value to your customers and organisations sooner. Our clients are some of the biggest organisations in Europe and we offer public and private online and in-person virtual classes.
Actineo Logo
At Actineo, we pride in the quality of the learning our classes deliver. Our focus is to optimise the learning experience, so we always run courses with small groups, designed using advanced classroom techniques such as “Training From the BACK of the Room!” and, crucially, delivered by some of the best practitioners in our community. We believe that our team achieves the uncommon ability to be both very experienced practitioners as well as superb trainers and communicators.
edForce Logo
edForce, a Workforce Upskilling Accelerator, helps Enterprises, big and small, with all their learning needs – Fresh Hire Onboarding, Lateral Training, Certifications, Assessments, CloudLabs, Content, HTD etc. We are handpicked as a Training & Certification vendor by some of the finest names in the industry such as Infosys, Walmart, Siemens, Sony, Microsoft, HP, Dell, Flipkart, Amazon, Mindtree, DXC, Boston Scientific, Tech Mahindra, ITC Infotech, etc, to name a few.
B2B Learning Logo
B2B Learning
B2B Learning develops and delivers high-quality training programmes for globally recognized methodologies in the domains of information technology and project management. Being an Accredited Training Organization for these methodologies, we can also provide the different exams related. Our courses are available in English, Dutch and French and can be delivered in various formats: classroom training, InCompany training, virtual live classes and eLearning. Our training center is based in Brussels, but we teach anywhere in Belgium, Luxembourg and other European countries. Our promise is to deliver high quality courses together with an outstanding service, to offer a unique and hassle-free learning experience.
Experience Scrum Logo
Experience Scrum
Experience Scrum specializes in live-virtual trainings for Scrum Masters and Scrum Teams. Our trainings are practical, skill-based, and experiential. You work as part of a Scrum team, experiencing and actively using Scrum. Throughout, you will self-manage as a Scrum Team, plan empirically, and apply the Scrum Values. In doing so, you will face a series of real-world impediments that are typical of beginning Scrum Teams, and cause their removal. In our Skill-Based PSM trainings, you will: - learn relevant skills in addition to theory - use Professional Scrum to run the training - be the Scrum Master for at least one Sprint
Unstuck Careers Logo
Unstuck Careers
We have delivered training and facilitated sessions for Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Coaches, leaders, trainers, and teams around the world. From groups of 4 to 100, custom content to certified courseware, live virtual to in person - we’re experienced and passionate about helping people learn and grow to unlock their careers, capability, and creativity.
CuriousCore believes that continuous learning in a flexible and scalable manner is key to personal and professional empowerment in our ever evolving, technology driven world. This is why we are building one of the most impactful education institutions for the technology industry outside of Silicon Valley; training professionals to design, build, and manage digital innovation and customer experiences in a scalable and sustainable way.
Abacus Digital Logo
Abacus Digital
We are a team of professionals who are committed to equipping and training the IT workforce to perform at their best. Our trainers are certified and equipped to provide high-quality training to properly equip IT professionals, to work at their best Our certification workshops will strengthen your knowledge with our relevant and practical training from our highly-skilled trainers who carry not only the teaching but also the industry experience. Our goal is to not just impart technical knowledge to our students but also to empower them and boost their confidence by using real-world scenarios in our training sessions.
Amazing Outcomes Logo
Amazing Outcomes
We help companies create amazing outcomes – for their business, for people and for our planet. We do this by enabling teams and leaders to develop sustainable solutions and manage complex risks through agility. We create agility by providing Scrum Masters, (Interim) Product Owners, Professional Scrum Training and our Plug & Play Scrum Teams.
Mandischer Consulting
Mandischer consulting is entered around agile transformations. It helps customers to benefit from agile principles by teaching, coaching, and leading change initiatives.
Valkir Academy Logo
Valkir Academy
Valkir Academy persistently supports organizations in building engaged and empowered teams on their journey to delightful product and service delivery.
Agile for Humans Logo
Agile for Humans
Todd Miller and Ryan Ripley formed Agile for Humans, LLC to help organizations create the environment needed to succeed with agile. Through agile training, coaching, and facilitation, we help companies – wherever they are today – work through their journey to become an Agile Organization that uses business agility to win in the marketplace.
Web Age Solutions Logo
Web Age Solutions
Web Age is a leading provider of IT training. We provide instructors who not only teach Scrum.Org classes in large corporate environments, but also possess extensive hands-on working knowledge. Our instructors can answer real-world questions and facilitate discussions that bridge the gap between classroom and practical application. Web Age Solutions has been partnering with Fortune 500 companies to provide quality custom learning experiences for over 20 years. We are large enough to work with over 50 of the top Fortune 100 Companies, but small enough to provide the level of support, customization and customer service that is deserved by our clients.
Jolsons-Chi logo
Jolsons-Chi Services
Jolsons-Chi Services is an indigenous organization located in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria. Our services cut across various organization: Information Technology, Software Product Development, Engineering, Financial, Media and others. We are a team of focused and goal-driven agile/scrum professionals with the aim of dealing with our client’s (individuals and corporate) critical issues related generally to Agile and Scrum framework.
Brass Willow
Brass Willow
Brass Willow is an agile consulting company working with organizations developing their own software.  
Gulua Consulting Logo
Gulua Consulting
Gulua Consulting is a Georgian company based in Tbilisi, Georgia. We enable teams to create a resilient environment and efficient working processes. We provide the tools needed to successfully grow a business by using agile techniques. Our experience and innovative approach allow teams to reach the full potential of Agility in creating an organization that develops and delivers customer satisfaction. We are conducting trainings that cover Agile frameworks and the roles needed. In addition, deep-dive workshops are designed to help gain a deeper understanding by applying the concepts practically.
Ross Agile Consulting Group Logo
Ross Agile Consulting Group, LLC.
The Ross Agile Consulting Group, LLC. is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). Our industry knowledge offers over 15 years of proven domestic and international experience leading complex enterprise software solutions. Our coaches are thought leaders within the agile community and provide the foundation your organization needs to reduce inefficiencies. We exercise the fundamentals necessary to avoid poor agile habits commonly found within a maturing agile-oriented organization. Whether you are looking to learn about Scrum for the first time or you are a seasoned practitioner, our training will transform and grow your organization.
Atoha Logo
Atoha is the leading project management institute in Vietnam, providing practical training courses, hands-on consulting, and examination preparation courses from top worldwide recognized certifications. We engage our stakeholders based on world-class standard frameworks and our top expert trainers and consultants who had many years working experience and had the most recognized international certifications.
Winnex - Logo
Winnex Institute
Winnex Institute is a professional and management development training company offering various training, courses, and certifications that includes Project Management, Product Management, Agile/Scrum, Project specialisation, Quality Management, Information Technology, Risk Management, Business Analysis, Business Development, Artificial Intelligence and Geographic Information System (GIS). We deliver world-class and top-notched training across industries and around the world. We built plenty of talented professionals and those professionals are working in the best industry within the region or internationally.
Agile Rocks Logo
Agile Rocks
Agile Rocks has been providing a great training experience to clients in house and to the public for the last 5 years and can deliver a number of the Professional Training Series of products from We are a small and friendly company and are committed to delivering the best Training and Consulting outcomes in the South West of the UK.
Agile Africa Logo
Agile Africa
The Agile Africa Network started in 2020 with a small group of African agile practitioners dedicated to sharing their passion with the continent. As part of The Liberators Network, we are also a global community that exists to help practitioners of Scrum, other Agile ways of working, and Liberating Structures, to find support, offer help, and draw inspiration. We believe in the power of peer-to-peer inspiration to overcome the tough challenges we face when we try to liberate teams and organizations from ineffective ways of working. Join us and learn more about Agile & Scrum from many passionate people and experts of the field.
Insight is a global company committed to helping clients innovate smarter so they can create digital experiences that drive differentiation and loyalty. Our Agile transformation services team can help you adopt an Agile framework to improve how your organization delivers, develops, and approaches products and services.
Code Sprinters Logo
Code Sprinters
Poland's leading provider of Agile training & consulting services founded in 2007. Offering's Professional series classes since 2010.
Image Logo
PT. Scrum Asia Pasifik
Kami adalah perusahaan pertama di Indonesia yang telah berdiri sejak tahun 2008 yang fokus dalam memanusiawikan lingkungan kerja menggunakan kerangka kerja Scrum dan telah membawa dampak dalam ekosistem software delivery Indonesia. Kami telah menulis buku Scrum dalam bahasa Indonesia pertama berjudul Manajemen Modern dengan Scrum. Hubungi kami sekarang juga untuk belajar bagaimana menggunakan Scrum untuk meningkatkan adaptabilitas perusahaan anda di pasar dan kebahagiaan para pekerja dan pelanggan.
Ready Set Agile Logo
Ready Set Agile
Ready Set Agile turns complexity into awesomeness by utilizing the latest proven methods to foster cultures of continuous learning through world-recognized collaborative training, mentorship, and experience.
Assurity is a delivery consultancy for the Digital Age. Today’s customers expect quality technology to be delivered fast and frequently and they want to be delighted by new innovation too. We help clients achieve those goals by applying the best digital thinking and practices across project delivery and through an extensive education offering.
Computrain Logo
Computrain is a professional IT-training organization with over 40 years of experience in offering training and certification in all the major technology domains including: Scrum, DevOps, Azure, Cloud, Project Management and IT Security management. We have a huge passion for developing the right IT knowledge and skills for organizations and people. Computrain ensures that professionals today have the competencies required for the technology of tomorrow.
Agility Arabia Logo
Agility Arabia
We believe in Agile and believe the Middle East to be leaders in the global market it enters.  Agility Arabia is an Agile Consultancy based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We provide organisations with Agile Training, Coaching, and Consultancy to help support Organisations on their Agile Transformation journey.  Our team have years of experience in the region, including UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). We have worked with organisations in many sectors including Aviation, Telecoms, Banking, Retail, and many others. We understand unique challenges and opportunities that middle east region has.
AgiliX Consulting

AgiliX is a network organisation that guides Lean-Agile adoptions across Europe and provide certified trainings worldwide.

Yeret Agility Logo
Yeret Agility
We help people leverage agility, product thinking and structures, empiricism, and empowerment, as appropriate in their context. We work with product companies and IT organizations seeking real agility and people working to leverage agility beyond tech/software. Our clients come to us because we emphasize principles and pragmatic choices and avoid dogma. Our founder Yuval Yeret has deep expertise and world-class credentials - he is known worldwide as a bridge-builder between different communities and approaches - including as a co-creator of’s Professional Scrum with Kanban, and the only Professional Scrum Trainer who’s also a SAFe Fellow/SPCT