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ORIIONS is an Agile Training organization located in France close to Biarritz. We care about people and values  and we truly believe in Scrum values, apply them in our daily work (training, coaching, mentoring, leading to change) and promote them for having more sustainable organizations.
Agile Code Consulting

Agile Code Consulting

Agile Code Consulting Co was founded in 2017. With more than a decade experience in teaching Scrum, we have trained over 3000 professionals across Asia and the Middle East. Our aim is to develop Scrum Teams to be self-managing and to succeed in complex environments in product delivery.
Bourk Software and Consulting

Bourk Software and Consulting

Bourk Software Development has been created after a Scrum Master enlighten its founder, Simon. At this point, there was no going back. The only option available was to extend the work of that Scrum Master at a different scale by providing serious Training and Coaching related to Scrum and the best practices from Extreme Programming.
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Valkir Academy

Valkir Academy persistently supports organizations in building engaged and empowered teams on their journey to delightful product and service delivery.
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Scrum Facilitators

Scrum Facilitators is a Dutch-based training organization on a mission to help professionals become awesome Scrum facilitators. Whether you’re a Scrum Master, Product Owner, Developer or a leader, a great Scrum Facilitator understands the Scrum values and principles and knows how to use this to implement Scrum successfully in his/her teams and organization. Scrum Facilitators is partners with Scrum.org. Our classes are accredited, always up-to-date, fun, super interactive and always given by two trainers to maximize your learning objectives. Our trainers are Scrum.org Professional Scrum Trainers (PST) and PST-candidates armed with experience from the field.
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ScrumMastered is building Scrum Master capabilities to lead the change with practical advice and personal insights. We focus on practices and tools that you can use to elevate your knowledge and skills to successfully implement agile ways of working. Our purpose is to build self-sustainable Agile environments, be it through training Scrum Masters who are new to the field or by coaching and training organizations in the Agile transformations.
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Teknet Group

Founded in 2000, Teknet Group is an integrator people security solutions, physical infrastructure and technological. From consulting to direct sales and training to maintenance, to support business. They are based in Antananarivo, and is present on 4 others provinces of Madagascar
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Jolsons-Chi Services

Jolsons-Chi Services is an indigenous organization located in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria. Our services cut across various organization: Information Technology, Software Product Development, Engineering, Financial, Media and others. We are a team of focused and goal-driven agile/scrum professionals with the aim of dealing with our client’s (individuals and corporate) critical issues related generally to Agile and Scrum framework.
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ValueHut Limited

ValueHut is an agile coaching and training consultancy that is helping Organisations focus on most valuable work by deploying alternative ways of working founded on Agile Principles. In addition, we provide both Scrum.org and bespoke training offering to support our clients in their journey to improve their ways of working. At the moment, our clients are spread all over Africa and Europe, especially in the United Kingdom.
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Agility Arabia

We believe in Agile and believe the Middle East to be leaders in the global market it enters.  Agility Arabia is an Agile Consultancy based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We provide organisations with Agile Training, Coaching, and Consultancy to help support Organisations on their Agile Transformation journey.  Our team have years of experience in the region, including UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). We have worked with organisations in many sectors including Aviation, Telecoms, Banking, Retail, and many others. We understand unique challenges and opportunities that middle east region has.


Accentient is a company that has proven itself within the Application Lifecycle Management, Scrum, and DevOps community and continues to exceed the expectations of our clients.
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Marc Kaufmann is a solution-focused agile coach, a Professional Scrum Trainer with Scrum.org and partner in the Scrum Events Network, supporting individuals, teams and organizations in solving complex problems with Scrum. marckaufmann.com further supports the organization of Scrumday as the largest German-speaking event on the topic of agility. Part of the proceeds from the coaching, consulting and training assignments flow back into sustainable, non-profit projects.


Somos un HUB de “Perfeccionamiento”, enfocado en mejorar los conocimientos, competencias y habilidades de los profesionales para que incrementen el desempeño en su rol y así colaborar a cumplir los objetivos de su organización. Ofrecemos entrenamiento en diferentes disciplinas reconocidas internacionalmente. Actualmente entregamos enseñanza en: Agilidad, Innovación, Gestión de Servicios de TI, Kanban, Business Agility, entre otros. Nuestro objetivo es lograr que las personas lleven a la práctica lo aprendido y las empresas puedan medir su impacto en el negocio.
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H-consulting was founded in 2006 to support your activities in various ways and in each of them we follow the idea of Human Center Design. We especially value innovation, quality, professionalism, customer satisfaction and social responsibility. We provide the assistance to help your organisation deliver higher value faster. Our training portfolio includes the full range of Professional Scrum courses.

Sylver Rain Consulting

Sylver Rain Consulting is an IT solutions provider that engineers custom software products, implements COTS/GOTS solutions, offers IT staff augmentation and Scrum training to organizations/agencies within the public, private and non-profit sectors.
Info Trek

Info Trek

Info Trek is a leading provider of corporate technology training in Malaysia. With more than 20 years of training and development experience, we bring learning to everyone who seeks to better themselves be it enterprise training courses, or individual professionals and enthusiasts. Our core business is built on training and nurturing learners to instill them with the ability to go beyond their limits; arming them with knowledge to keep up with the fast-paced corporate world.
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De Booij Training

Our mission: inspiring others to discover new ways of working. We do this through training and custom workshops, with a focus on Product Owners and Scrum Masters and the context in which they operate. Rooted in our experience as a Scrum practitioners, we have delivered 100+ training courses and have helped many organizations in various industries. Come to one of our public Scrum.org courses in the Netherlands, join our virtual online courses, or request an in-house training course or workshop. Download our free white paper and start increasing your agility today.
Max Tech Solutions


 Max provides educational services for IT professionals, software developers and knowledge workers in Fortune 1000 companies worldwide. We specialize in private/customized classes, mentoring and intensive bootcamps for individuals seeking a career change.  We are woman owned entering our 20th year and have been responding to the changing needs of our clients.
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Wijin Academy

Based on operational skills and expertise, our commitment is to offer quality support and trainings. In addition to Scrum trainings, we also offer trainings and help regarding IT languages, Frameworks, DevOps, security, testing and digital accessibility.

Agilitics Pte. Ltd.

Agilitics Pte. Ltd. is a boutique Big Data Analytics , Business Intelligence and Agile consulting firm, Singapore Headquartered with presence in India and Middle East and ASEAN Countries. Agilitics Pte. Ltd. is partner of all premium vendors of Big data and have exclusive clientele. Our Motto is to deliver Analytics with Agility+Quality.
Alpha Scrum

Alpha Scrum

We have dedicated ourselves to offering training and workshop for over 10years. In the meantime, with our knowledge, we have been helping various companies and industries. While our work, we have concluded that they need to learn Scrum to produce better products. We are very excited about offering Scrum with Scurm.org, and they will be able to understand true agile and Scrum.
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Beyond Agility

Beyond Agility is a boutique consultancy that is not about selling trainings. The people at Beyond Agility want to create an impact in your organization.

Pyxis Technologies

Pyxis Technologies is a software development company. Having used Agile approaches for more than 15 years, Pyxis stands out for its range custom services in software development, consulting and training.
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EDU Trainings

EDU Trainings offers an extensive portfolio of IT education services in Czechia and Slovakia. We provide certified courses from leading global companies such as Red Hat, Microsoft, VMware. Not only as traditional classroom training but also as virtual or On-Demand training. We organize exciting seminars, webinars and online discussions. As an additional service, we provide certification exams in test center authorized by PeopleCert, Pearson VUE and Kryterion, which are providers of internationally recognized certification exams.


TAYLLORCOX is ACO (Accredited Consulting Organisation) and ATO (Accredited Training Organisation) for PPM (Project, Programme and Portfolio Management) with strong focus on agile transformation. Our people although works as auditors under RCB (Registered Certification Bodie), CAB (Conformity Assessment Bodie) TAYLLORCOX where we do audits and assessments. Our auditors are also tutors and offering a world-class learning experience.
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Practice Agile Solutions

Practice Agile is a hands-on Agile consulting and training company that strongly believes in and practices Scrum.org's mission of "Improving the profession of Software Delivery". We have conducted various certified Scrum.org workshops for 2,000+ professionals. Our organization takes pride in leading Agile transformation for over 12 organizations in BSFI, retail, startups, manufacturing and non-IT companies. Our trainer has published a book "Scrum Insights for Practitioners" that has been recognized as a reference book for Professional Scrum Foundations workshop.
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Gladwell Academy

Gladwell Academy has been a leading institution in advocating and bringing about Agile Transformations for more than 8 years. Gladwell Academy is proud to be a Highberg Group company. The Highberg Group is constituted of Blinklane Consulting, VKA, House of Performance, Schickler and Gladwell Academy and focusses on transformation processes at the forefront of business agility, data, IT and privacy. With its in-house expertise, the Highberg Group offers full spectrum business transformations. Ranging from knowledge transfer to direct implementation and process optimizing, through training, coaching and consulting.


Softeam is the Consulting and Services brand of Docaposte, a subsidiary of Le Groupe La Poste. Softeam supports your transformations (business, regulatory, digital) over time to imagine, design and operate your services of tomorrow by proposing you a unique offer on the market combining consulting, digital solutions, and service excellence. Its organization revolves around a wide range of expertise in Consulting, Banking, Finance & Insurance, Data & IA, and Digital, a digital agency (Softeam Agency) and a training organization (Softeam Institute) to support you throughout your value chain. Agility is also at the thick of Softeam, a trusted and close partner acquired from recognized know-how in the Banking/Finance/Insurance, Industry/Services/Utilities, and Public Sector sectors. With more than 1950 experts, Softeam places people in the center of its strategy to meet the challenges of tomorrow: the development and maintenance of skills, internal mobility, the recruitment of talent, the quest for meaning, the societal footprint.


Since 2010 we provide Agile Coaching, Scrum Trainings, Testing trainings, ISTQB, REQB, IBBQA certification. We are working with broad range of organizations from small teams to global international brands.
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Our mission is to Humanize Organizations by going deeper to unlock prescience  to challenge the established thinking and drive Transformation. We bring the right people together to build capabilities that enable Organizations to achieve sustainable transformation. tryscrum.com brings great value to clients by building capabilities through our training, Coaching and consulting services.
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Vaxmo is a UK based Agile consultancy that provides services to its clients from various sectors such as fintech, e-commerce, insurance, energy and business consultancy, so they can deliver more value sooner, manage risk exposure and reduce the waste in their operations.
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Logic Control

Logic Control provides a full range of Product Management Training, Coaching, and Advisory Services. Logic Control delivers Scrum Professional Training as private sessions, either virtually, at your location, or an off-site location.
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leadovation Consulting & Training was founded in 2019 to helping individuals and organizations improving their skills on leadership, innovation and product delivery. With the experience gathered since 2005 within several agile and digital transformations in different economic sectors like industrial sectors, telecommunication, insurance, financials or other services, we’re pleased to let you take part from this level of experience by arranging Professional Scrum trainings.
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B2B Learning

B2B Learning develops and delivers high-quality training programmes for globally recognized methodologies in the domains of information technology and project management. Being an Accredited Training Organization for these methodologies, we can also provide the different exams related. Our courses are available in English, Dutch and French and can be delivered in various formats: classroom training, InCompany training, virtual live classes and eLearning. Our training center is based in Brussels, but we teach anywhere in Belgium, Luxembourg and other European countries. Our promise is to deliver high quality courses together with an outstanding service, to offer a unique and hassle-free learning experience.
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Code Sprinters

Poland's leading provider of Agile training & consulting services founded in 2007. Offering Scrum.org's Professional series classes since 2010.
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Joint Insights

Joint Insights is a company that nourishes transparency every day to help people solve the problems and opportunities they face. By leveraging different perspectives, transparent information, and openness to new approaches people reach a new level of understanding and become empowered to move towards their goals.
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De Hoop Coaching

The basis for a fruitful work environment and a way to solve complex issues is the person in a team and the support of a team. Way more than just working together and totally different than bunch of people on a computer. De Hoop Coaching is a coaching company that focusses on the personal touch so we can benefit from their cooperation. We love to combine personal coaching and team coaching to help a group of people move to a team. We help you to see why a team is different that a group of people doing their thing.
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We are truth-telling and path-finding guides of Agile teams, leaders, and organizations. We didn’t start as Agilists or trainers.  We started as people in the industry looking for a better way to get work done, with more pride and less nonsense.  In our past roles as organizational leaders, project managers, and individual contributors we found success creating Agile teams and organizations.  Now we take pride in helping others discover their own path to success through agility.  Our training classes are enriched by our real-world experience.  Register today and jump-start your Agile journey!
Target Agility

Target Agility

At Target Agility, we empower organizations to realize its true potential toward delivering service that its customers value. Our mission is to help organizations and guide thought leaders to begin and be successful in their organizational transformation journey. At Target Agility, we thrive because of our market knowledge, culture awareness, and a great team behind our agile coaching, consulting, and training.
Agile Cockpit

Agile Cockpit

Creating high performing digital enterprises! To achieve our mission and vision we offer three services: Training, Consulting & Software. We are proud to say that we are the only one in the world providing all three services together which would make your Agile Journey a successful one! These services can be acquired separately from each other. However, for the maximum added value/impact we offer all three. Discover our global, data-driven experience and increase the impact of your Agile journey today!
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Traditional Japanese dōjō is a place where students of martial arts (budō) fully immerse into learning "the way of life" (dō) focusing on improving their martial craft (bujutsu), discipline, fulfillment and personal growth. Our mission in ScrumDojo.cz is to create such a place for long-term learning and development of agile teams and organizations.


KEGON offers strategic management consulting, agile coaching and training. Our trainers work daily in and with agile teams in international companies and organizations from a wide range of industries. They know what is important, what adversities organizations have to deal with during agile transformations and, last but not least, they are passionate and fun about what they do. Our trainings are interactive. Trainers and participants practically apply the tools of agile processes in the workshop. In our trainings, we awaken enthusiasm for agility, help to rethink and shape an agile culture together. Empathy, conversations at eye level and our methodological knowledge are our key to success.
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Zen Ex Machina

Zen Ex Machina is an agile management consulting company. We work collaboratively with corporates and government agencies to help them create digital products and services that people love. ZXM is the most experienced agile coaching consultancies in government in Canberra. Our experience and achievements were recently recognised by APAC CIO Outlook March 2016 as one of the most 25 promising agile companies in the APAC region. ZXM has coached over 45 teams across 20 organisations and trained over 600 people in the last five years.
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KnowledgeHut is a professional training company offering bespoke training and certification in all the major domains to include Agile Management, Project Management, Finance, Information Technology, IT Security, Quality Management, Risk Management, and DevOps. Our primary strength lies in helping organizations adopt the ‘Agile mindset’ through our fleet of Agile Services – Training, Coaching, Consulting and Staffing. Till date we have trained over 30,000+ employees from around 200+ organizations worldwide. Our clientele spectrum ranges from start-ups to well established corporate companies in the service and product industry.
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Berlin Product People GmbH

Berlin Product People GmbH supports enterprises — from fast-growing startups to corporations — on their way to becoming agile organizations. We work hands-on, providing our services as Scrum Masters, Product Owners, or agile coaches in close collaboration with our clients’ staff members, and at a location of our clients’ choosing.