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Coaching more than one team at the same time?

June 23, 2021

Watching Euro2020, my daughter asked if a football coach could manage two teams at once. To which I replied, "Yes but they may not be able to focus on both teams at the same time or be there for them when the team needs them; plus what would happen if both teams played each other?"

football team

Andy Hiles' phrase popped into my head

  • Can you? (Yes)
  • Should you? (Mmm - not sure as it depends)
  • Is it the right thing to do? (Probably not if you want to be successful)

Whilst delivering courses I often get asked...

"Can a Scrum Master be a Scrum Master for more than one team, or also do another job at the same time?"

The same answer applies - but looking at football the answer seems clearer and more sensible. To do it well and to do it professionally coaches need focus & commitment.

As an organisation wanting success, why would you ask someone to split their time, focus and commitment? Are you setting them up for success or putting obstacles in their way which could slow them down?

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