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Podcast: Unlocking Business Agility with Evidence-Based Management with Patricia Kong, Todd Miller, Ryan Ripley, and Kurt Bittner

December 5, 2023
Patricia Kong, a seasoned expert, guides listeners through the intricacies of EBM, emphasizing its role in data-driven insights. Todd Miller and Kurt Bittner share firsthand experiences, providing tangible examples of how EBM has revolutionized organizations. This episode transcends borders, offering a global perspective on EBM's universal applicability across industries. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring entrepreneur, the hosts deliver key takeaways for leveraging EBM to thrive in today's dynamic business landscape.
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Creating a Product Wall (4/7) - Personas

November 20, 2023
Personas are powerful tools to create an understanding of what your ideal users look like and what they would need or like from your product. In this article, Ryan Brook and Sander Dur share how to create a high-level Persona map.
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Creating a Product Wall (3/7) - Market and Domain Information

November 17, 2023
If there is anything we would absolutely love to see more often, it would be active market and domain assessment by Product Owners. Product Owners are accountable for maximizing the value that is generated by the product the Scrum Team creates. Knowing where your product stands relative to the competition, or how many of your products have been sold is essential information to decide on the next steps to take. It can balance out conundrums like "can we build this product, and should we do it?".
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Creating a Product Wall (1/7)

October 2, 2023
Product Walls are great tools that radiate information and support informed decision-making in the empirical world. Equally, it can be pretty tricky to build them. In this series, Ryan Brook and Sander Dur talk you through an example Product Wall and its components.
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How Scrum Masters Can Coach the Product Owner

July 18, 2023
Part of the Scrum Master's job is to work with the Product Owner. This specific person has tried OKRs, but asked us what else is available to work with. There are many things and areas that you could try! In this video, Evelien and I dive into this question.
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Is a Scrum Master really necessary?

July 11, 2023
Another question we frequently get is whether Scrum Masters are truly needed. We can do the work without the Scrum Master, right? In this week's video, Evelien Acun-Roos and I address this question. To give you a quick answer; no, we don't think there's ever a point where you can do without the Scrum Master.
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What should a Scrum Master do when a Developer has a Remark During the Daily Scrum?

July 10, 2023
Earlier this year I was in an Ask a PST session with hosted by Lindsay Velecina. It was awesome, with hundreds of people attending the event. With so many people joining, it was impossible to answer every single question on the spot. So I invited Evelien Acun-Roos to answer these questions together in our tv studio at Xebia with the support of the Xebia Academy and producer Roald Willemsen. The result is a series of short videos, which will be released weekly. We'd love to hear/read what you think, so feel free to let us know! #scrum #agile #ama #pst #professionalscrum #videos #questions #qanda Mastering Agility
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8 Choices of a Product Owner

March 23, 2023
Product Ownership is not a straightforward job. Accountable for maximizing the value derived from the product, Product Owners have to balance their options continuously, decide what to do, and maybe even more importantly, what not to do.
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Why you Should be Looking for Organizational Trailblazers

December 7, 2022
Somewhere along the line, people and organizations seem to have lost a certain sense of pragmatism. Job requirements are more focused on theoretical knowledge, rather than certain (work)life skills. In other words, we need to focus more on solving challenges, and less on flashing around theoretical achievements.
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Nine things to do in your Sprint Planning

November 4, 2022
There are eight hours available for Sprint Planning. In those eight hours, a lot can be done. Too often this event is rushed, limiting the ability to maximize the possible achievements. In this article, I share nine things to do to make the most of your Sprint Planning.
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Superhero Scrum Masters; helpful or bottleneck?

October 25, 2022
What would happen if Superman wasn't around to save the earth? We, as mere mortals, would perish quickly, and the superhero movies would be super short. Wouldn't it be more helpful if the flying solver-of-all would teach out to save ourselves?