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Product Owner vs Project Manager

March 12, 2020
What is a Product Owner? What are the differences between a Product Owner and Project Manager? Isn’t a Product Owner some kind of an Agile Project Manager? These are some of the questions we often get from people in our classes.
Blog Post

Stances of the Product Owner

November 18, 2019
With the launch of a brand-new Product Owner-Advanced class (including certification) coming up, we want to introduce you to some new and unpublished content: The Stances of the Product Owner. In this article, we’ll share an overview of both the preferred and the misunderstood Stances of the Product Owner. In upcoming articles, we’ll do a deep dive into each of the Stances individually.
Blog Post

10 Tips for Product Owners on the Product Vision

November 29, 2017
The Product vision describes the purpose of a Product, the intention with which the Product is being created and what it aims to achieve for customers and users. The Product vision describes a future state of the Product and what problems it tries to resolve or what ambitions it tries to fulfill.