Community Meetups

LogoWe are working around the globe with our Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs) and Partners to help people and teams solve complex problems. One way of doing that is ongoing education through meetups.  Below is a list of local meetups run by our PSTs and partners.

At we place a high value on diversity in everything we do, including the events that we participate in. Diversity provides a foundation to solve more complex problems by bringing different points of view, experiences and ideas.  For this reason, when participating in and sponsoring events, requires that the event is made up of a diverse group of participants and presenters including race, gender, ethnicity, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, and accessibility.


LeSS Meetup Baku - Baku


Agile Ottawa Meetup Group - Ottawa, Ontario


Hands-On Agile - Berlin

ScrumTisch Stuttgart - Stuttgart


Agile 30 Bangalore - Bangalore

Scrum Master Studio - Bangalore

Agile 30 - Chennai - Chennai

Scrum Master Studio - Chennai

Agile 30 Delhi - Delhi

Agile WoW - Gurgaon

Agile 30 Hyderabad - Hyderabad

Agile Leadership Studio - India (location varies)

Product Owner Studio - India (location varies)

Agile 30 Mumbai - Mumbai

Practice Agile - Mumbai

Agile 30 Pune - Pune


Agile Talks - Rome

Software Craftsmanship South Tyrol - South Tyrol


Agile 30- Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur


NL Scrum - Amsterdam

State of Product Management - Amsterdam

A Scrum Book Meetup - Utrecht

FAT-NL (Federation of Agile Testers) - Utrecht

The Liberators Network - Utrecht

New Zealand

Christchurch Agile Professionals Network - Christchurch


Liberating Structures User Group Poland Kraków - Kraków


Scrum Patterns - A Scrum Book Meetup - Portugal - Lisbon


Inspired By Agile - Moscow 

Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) Russia - Moscow

Liberating Structures Russia - Moscow

St. Petersburg Lean Coffee - St. Petersburg 


Agile 30 Singapore - Singapore


Agila Göteborg - Gothenburg

 Liberating Structures Göteborg - Gothenburg

Radical Collaboration Göteborg - Gothenburg


Software Crafters Zürich -  Zürich


Agile 30 Thailand - Bangkok


Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) Ukraine - Kiev

United Kingdom

The Scrum Master Retrospective - Leeds

Lean Agile London - London

Lean Product Delivery - London

Lean UX London - London

United States

Silicon Valley Product Innovation Meetup Group - San Jose, California

Tampa Bay Agile - Tampa, Florida

NYC Agile Project Management Meetup - New York, New York

Springhouse Agile Leadership Series - Exton, PA

Agile Central PA Meetup - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh Agile - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Agile-DevOps: DFW Chapter - Plano, Texas

Mad City Agile - Madison, Wisconsin

MKE Agile - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Central Wisconsin Agile - Wausau, Wisconsin


Liberating Structures Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City