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The community is a global network of Scrum practitioners and trainers, working together to improve software development. We invite you to join us. Take your time to learn what you can from others who have already been where you are. Find answers in our library of resources. Attend a live event. Seek guidance from community experts that know the challenges you face. And teach others tomorrow what you learn today.

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Hi, I have two doubt: 1 PO is sole person that is accountable for managin...

Hello everyone, I am the Scrum Master of a team about to replace a complicate...

I'm a Scrum Master on a Team that's maturing. We've come a long way in our Scrum...

Hey all, I am a junior developer and relatively new to the practice of Scrum....

Within our org, we have 1 scrum team, 1 developing scrum team, and another team ...

I am relatively new to the whole Agile process. However, I have had the good for...

Hi, DoD can change only during sprint retrospective or are there other times...

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