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Can I Get the Questions and Answers from My Professional-Level Assessment?

After you complete one of our Professional-Level Assessments, your score and a summary will be sent via email.

To protect the integrity of the certification process, does not share information about the specific questions that were answered correctly or incorrectly. This is in-line with industry standards that have been set for testing and certification bodies including Project Management Institute (PMI), Microsoft, and The College Board SAT Testing for example.

View an example of a Level I or Level II Assessment Results Email

On the Scrum Open Assessments, we provide detailed feedback with specific questions and answers to help people grow their knowledge of Scrum.

We are unable to provide the same level of transparency for our professional-level assessments because we feel that doing so could inhibit learning. This is why on Level I and Level II assessments we provide feedback in the form of a percentage score for each Focus Area covered on the assessment, helping you to focus your studies in the areas you are weakest in. 

Level III assessments include written feedback rather than a breakdown by Focus Area. A level III assessment will not receive a score immediately upon completion since the assessment will be graded manually.

We encourage you to review the Suggested Reading available on our website:

Reference the suggested reading materials in order to further improve in those areas that need strengthening, as depicted by your results. These steps should greatly help in guiding your future studies and in building your Scrum knowledge and understanding in the areas where you scored lower on the assessment.