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Observe User Interactions

By taking the time to observe users in their environment, you can learn a lot about how they interact with your product allowing you to explore how to make it better. 

During an observation session, ask users to interact with a lightweight prototype or observe them using the latest product Increment. Alternatively or in addition, go and visit users to see how they interact with your product in their day to day work or lives. This helps the Scrum Team gather valuable insights that allow them to make improvements.


Invite Customers and Users to the Sprint Review

The Sprint Review is a great opportunity to gather feedback from real customers and users. 
After all, they are the ones who will be buying and/ or using your product. Why not use it as a time to observe them using your latest product increment? You can also consider including some time during the Sprint Review for a short focus group discussion. 

Involving and engaging with real users in a Sprint Review provides valuable insights about the product and the market while also allowing Scrum Team members to interact with their customers and users. 

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By understanding its customers and users, a Scrum Team can identify opportunities, be more innovative and create products that people need and use. Here are different techniques ways to do this.