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Suggested Reading for Professional Scrum Product Owner™ II

Prove Your Advanced Knowledge of the Product Owner Accountabilities

PSPO II includes questions from the following Focus Areas as defined in the Professional Scrum Competencies. This is an advanced Product Owner certification and the greatest emphasis will be on Focus Areas listed under Managing Products with Agility followed by Focus Areas from Evolving the Agile Organization.

While taking a course is never required the Professional Scrum Product Owner Advanced: Mastering the Product Owner Stances course is highly recommended preparation. Even then a 2-day class will not be sufficient preparation for most people to pass the PSPO II. The resources listed on this page will help you to prepare.

Study Resources Learning Paths:


Blog Series - The Stances of the Product Owner:

Preferred Product Owner Stances

Misunderstood Product Owner Stances



Practice Assessments:


Additional Scrum Resources:

  • Familiarize yourself with the Scrum glossary.
  • Read articles on our Blog, written by our expert Professional Scrum Trainers.
  • Join the Forum discussions.
  • Search the Resources page.
  • View the What is Scrum page.
  • Build your Scrum muscle memory by engaging in discussions and practicing Scrum fundamentals with your team.


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