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Case Study

HES-SO Valais-Wallis uses Scrum as a link between academic theory and practice of real-life IT projects

May 12, 2022
Based on more than 20 years of experience in project-based teaching, Business IT professors at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland Valais, Alexandre Cotting and Nicolas Debons, developed project modules to introduce the Scrum framework to students using a step-by-step approach derived from both academically oriented projects as well as real world projects with Product Owners.
Case Study

FAU Sets Students Up for Success with Scrum in its “Managing Projects Successfully” Curriculum

April 14, 2022
The Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) is a University in Bavaria, Germany established in 1742. The university has 70 departments distributed over 5 faculties. 40,000 Students are enrolled in 267 degree programs. FAU is one of the top-10 largest universities in Germany. FAU incorporated Scrum into its information systems, economics and social studies Bachelor’s programs and students have the opportunity to take the PSM I assessment. Students have seen great benefits in this  agile focused program and share them in this case study.
Case Study

Insurance Company Uses Professional Scrum™ for Business Process Improvement and Cost Containment

February 19, 2022
A case study highlighting the use of Scrum in a non-software organization: The Hong Kong medical branch of a large insurance company engaged with Ken Kwan, Professional Scrum Trainer to help them with their agile transformation with a focus on using the Scrum framework to improve their business processes, accelerate health insurance services capabilities and minimize cost. 
Case Study

Bachelor Degree Programs with a Future in Agile from XU Exponential University of Applied Sciences

June 29, 2021
XU Exponential University of Applied Sciences, a University Partner of, qualifies students for tomorrow’s job profiles by offering innovative, future- proofed degree programs. All study programs uniquely combine academic teaching, first-hand expert market knowledge and practice-oriented learning of an agile mindset through concrete case studies. In this context, Scrum is incorporated into the curriculum. This case study talks about how XU Exponential University is committed to the concept of “stop doing agile, start being agile”.
Case Study

Pentacomp Uses the Nexus Framework to Effectively Deliver Systems with the Ministry of Health in Poland that Have Been critical to Providing Services to Patients During and Post Covid-19 Pandemic

April 28, 2021
Pentacomp designs innovative IT solutions, maintains and services IT systems, and provides consultancy for companies in various industries. By carrying out strategic projects, the Pentacomp team has been supporting the largest organizations and firms in achieving success and gaining a market advantage for 25 years. This case study talks about its work with the Ministry of Health in Poland and how they used the Nexus framework to effectively deliver its systems that have been critical to providing services to patients during and post Covid-19 pandemic.
Case Study

How Lola Tech Leveraged Nexus to Increase ROI and Cut Costs for Client

December 18, 2020
In this case study, you will learn how a major US Airline used the Nexus framework scaled across more than 10 teams in what is considered Nexus+ to kick start their agile transformation with globally distributed teams resulting in dramatically decreased time to market and ROI. The company featured in this case study is a US budget airline with over 4000 employees.
Case Study

Year Up Paves the Way to Professional Success for Young Adults

December 8, 2020
There are many resources available to college students to help them advance their knowledge and prepare for the job environment. But what about young adults who have limited access to resources and opportunities? Year Up is an organization committed to providing underserved young adults with equitable access to economic opportunity and mobility, and connecting them with a pathway to a professional career. This article highlights 3 students who grew their professional careers and education through Year Up including participating in the Applying Professional Scrum (APS) training course.
Case Study

Building Understanding Between Scrum Teams and Management with Liberating Structures

July 26, 2020
Philips, with their roots in complexity science, used both the Scrum framework and Liberating Structures to help people navigate challenges, from small to complex, by working together effectively. This case study is the first in a series to demonstrate how Scrum Teams (can) use Liberating Structures to deliver more value to their stakeholders. Each case study focuses on how one particular Liberating Structure was used to help Scrum Teams overcome a the company challenge frequently experienced by many teams.
Case Study

How TRUMPF Used Scrum to Drive Its Agile Transformation

September 18, 2019
The software development organization at TRUMPF was practicing Scrum, but in an inconsistent way. They turned to Professional Scrum Trainer Thomas Schissler to help them practice Scrum correctly and they underwent the Professional Scrum Developer training class to help train their teams. This was a part of their agile transformation efforts in their software development organization. This case study explores the challenges they faced and how they overcame them using Scrum.
Case Study

Boston University Course with Scrum and Agile Focus Sets Students Up for Career Success

March 30, 2018
Ralph Covino Ph.D., Professor in the Information Systems Department at BU, wanted to reinvigorate the curriculum to be more Agile focused. He understood that having Agile knowledge was increasingly important to recruiters as they looked for jobs post-graduation, and those who had Agile experience during internships were getting a head start over those who didn’t.
Case Study

World Servants Improves Global Living Standards with Scrum

January 12, 2018
With Scrum, World Servants Product Owners are able to identify which of their requests are higher priority and should be completed first. In turn, they also use Scrum to help them collectively agree on which backlog items should be assigned to the IT department in the next Scrum Sprint - a time-box of 30 days or less during which a “Done,” usable, and potentially releasable product increment is created.
Case Study

Intralinks Case Study: Scrum Reboot This Time With The Values

August 2, 2017
In their first attempt at attaining agility, Intralinks took a well-intentioned “mechanical” implementation of Scrum - done in good faith and with lots of hard work - but failed to deliver against their goal of greater agility. So, they took on a “Scrum Reboot” and succeeded by augmenting the mechanics of Scrum with the fundamental idea of inspection and adaptation and the Scrum Values of Courage, Focus, Openness, Respect and Commitment.
Case Study

Security Software Product Company Uses Nexus Framework

July 13, 2017
In 2016, a leading security products company adopted Scrum to support teams working in complex product development, in order to make the organization more adaptive and able to react faster to change. It began with one Scrum Team of IT developers focused on mobile applications.
Case Study

Terminales Scales Software Delivery with Nexus

March 17, 2017
The IT group within Terminales Portuarios Peruanos, a leading port and storage operations facility, depends on and develops software for its internal operations processes. It was working to align business objectives to development and improve time to market for delivering software, which traditionally was mapped in a predetermined release plan.
Case Study

Major Asian Airline Scales Scrum with Nexus

January 24, 2017
In 2012, the airline’s senior leadership and business unit heads issued a mandate to start being agile in order to make the organization more adaptive and able to react faster to changes. To accomplish this, one team of IT developers focused on mobile applications adopted Scrum, a framework for developing and sustaining complex products. Shortly thereafter, more Scrum teams formed in various business units for web and mobile applications.
Case Study

Delighting Vodafone Turkey's Customers Via Agile Transformation

June 28, 2016
Telecommunication industry in Turkey is highly competitive and it emphasizes Time to Market (T2M) pressure. Therefore, inside the Vodafone TR IT, Agile transformation has started to shorten T2M and enhance quality in order to be able to provide competitive advantage to the business. Under this vision, Agile transformation inside Vodafone TR IT has been set as three steps.
Case Study

Agile Processes in Telecom Sales Teams

June 28, 2016
Professional Scrum Trainer Ahmet Akdag looks at his experiences working with one of the largest GSM operators in Middle East and East Europe region. With over 2000 employees, they provide innovative value added services to over 8 million customers and how Scrum helped.
Case Study

Turkey Finans Goes For Higher Benefits From Change

June 28, 2016
Türkiye Finans having around 300 branches within the country and abroad, provides services to more than 3 million customers with around 4500 employees. Türkiye Finans is focused mainly on increasing its revenue and market share, and in line with these challenging financial objectives, decided to increase the speed of software delivery and services into the market by adopting Agile as the efficient and innovative approaches in its IT Organization. Read about how we did it.