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How Do I Learn More About Scrum and Prepare for the Professional-Level Scrum Assessments?

The Scrum Guide is the first place to start to learn about Scrum, and an important resource for studying for the various assessments that are available for purchase at All assessments use the most recent version of the English Scrum Guide as the source for questions regarding the rules, artifacts, events, and roles of Scrum. However, reading the Scrum Guide alone is not enough for someone to pass a Professional Scrum Assessment. Questions often ask test-takers to interpret information and apply it to challenging situations, so knowledge gained from personal experience and other sources is typically needed. The Scrum Guide is freely available to download and or print in over 30 different languages.

You may also take the Open Assessments. These are free assessments that will test your knowledge of Scrum, and help to prepare you for our Professional-level assessments. 

You should familiarize yourself with the terms and concepts found in the Scrum Glossary

You can find additional ways to learn about Scrum on our Ways to Learn About Scrum page. courses are also being held frequently around the world. While attending a course is not a requirement to gain certification, it is a very effective way of growing your knowledge of Scrum. Please see our Courses page to learn more about the types of courses offered along with the descriptions, overviews and prerequisites.

If you wish to attend a course in your area, please see our list of upcoming classes.

For supplemental reading geared towards the specific subject areas on the Professional-Level Assessments, please reference the following pages: