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Agile Leadership Myths and how to move past them

August 30, 2022
The best Scrum teams that I have worked with were supported by management leaders focused on removing impediments, providing resources, and promoting an agile mindset and culture that supports the Scrum values. It’s not an easy job. Making it more challenging are the agile leadership myths out there that can get in the way of being effective. In this article, we’ll look at three common agile leadership myths and how to move past them.

Facilitation tips for Daily Scrum

August 24, 2022
So you recently started using Scrum and are struggling to get the most out of the Scrum events? Or, maybe your journey with Scrum has been going on for some time and you still feel that something is missing in your meetings. I hear you! It might be challenging to switch from well known and understood habits and practices, and introduce changes to your process of complex problem solving. In this blog post you will find some tips and tricks that will boost facilitation of your Daily Scrum. Perhaps some of the tools and techniques will help you when facilitating other events too.
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Start by Doing It Badly

August 17, 2022
The empirical process—and its three pillars of transparency, inspection and adaptation—involves checking where you are at by doing something, seeing how you did compared to what you were trying to do, and devising and carrying out experiments (practicing, if you will) to try and get closer to your desired outcome. This is the process that Scrum is designed to take you through with its framework, and we’d be remiss if we did not apply this same process to our learning. Learning is after all a complex problem.
Podcast Community Podcast - Company Spotlight - Scrum at Gillette

August 12, 2022
In this podcast we feature Professional Scrum Trainers and other Scrum Practitioners sharing their stories and experiences to help learn from the experience of others. In this episode, host Dave West interviews David Ingram, VP of Global R&D at Gillette about developing razors using Scrum and how they transitioned to Scrum to do so. (21:16 Minutes)
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3 Säulen, die auch dir helfen können, die PSM-3-Prüfung zu bestehen

August 8, 2022
„Wie kann ich mich auf die PSM-3-Prüfung vorbereiten?“ Diese Frage erreicht mich in letzter Zeit häufig über LinkedIn. Die meisten erwarten nun eine einfache Antwort auf diese einfache Frage. Am liebsten noch in Form eines Kochrezepts. Bereite X vor, füge Y hinzu, dreimal umrühren und einmal aufkochen et voilà. Fertig ist das PSM-3-Zertifikat. Vor einigen Jahren habe ich die PSM-3-Prüfung mit mehr als 90 % bestanden. Ich kann dir versichern: So einfach ist das nicht. Ein Kochrezept, welches jeden befähigt, die Prüfung auf Anhieb zu bestehen, gibt es nicht. Schaue ich aber auf meine Lernreise zurück, so kann ich drei Säulen erkennen, die mir geholfen haben, erfolgreich zu sein. Diese Säulen möchte ich in diesem Artikel auch mit dir teilen:
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When Will Scrum Die?

July 28, 2022
When will Scrum die? Some people would say it's already dying. There's so much inauthentic, Scrum being done, unprofessional, Scrum being done in the world. Whereas Scrum is part of what I call water Scrum fall, where it's put within a predictive deterministic system. We're predicting when work will be finished. When actually we’ve got so much work that where we don't know, what we don't know, that's really unauthentic. I see in those situations where the concept of done isn't even a concept there They think that done means we met the acceptance criteria when actually it's almost like the checklist for how we do things around here, the technical standards and the product quality standards, international standards, for example, that we might need to comply with.
Podcast Community Podcast - How Professional Scrum Master Certification and Google Career Certificates helped my Agile Career featuring Nicole Christensen

July 27, 2022
The Google Project Management Certificate helps people prepare for entry-level jobs in the high-growth field of project management. The certificate dives deep into project management software, tools and templates, with an emphasis on Scrum. collaborated with Google to bring Scrum and Agile expertise to the Google Project Management Certificate and prepare for the Professional Scrum Master I certification. In this podcast series hosted by CEO, Dave West, he interviews Google Career Certificate graduates to learn about their experiences before, during and after the program. In this episode, Dave interviews Nicole Christensen who has a background as a High School English teacher and is now a Product Owner at Readable English, a company focused on programs that help students read. (22:55 Minutes)
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How Scrum with Kanban works

July 18, 2022
Scrum and Kanban are two different frameworks.  But did you know that your Scrum Team can use some of Kanban’s crucial elements to optimize workflow and deliver value sooner?   Combining Kanban with your Scrum practice doesn’t involve replacing events, accountabilities or artifacts.  It’s about integrating Kanban’s complementary tools to achieve better outcomes with Scrum.
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How do you measure value in scrum?

July 18, 2022
How do I measure value for a major IT infrastructure piece of work? How do I measure value? Before I even get into, how do I measure value? What is value? A lot of people struggle with this. I wrote an article about this here, what is value really? I think one of the reasons why the world is in the way it is, is because we over-indexed on a couple of meanings for that.

Cross-functionality – When do you need an upgrade in your product development alphabet?

July 11, 2022
How many times have you heard statements such as, “This is not in my area of expertise”, “I don't know anything about it”, “That’s not my job”, “Ask another department” or “This is not what I studied for”? One might say that this is just their approach to gaining knowledge. It’s their style; to limit their scope of learning by concentrating on their specialism only, which doesn’t necessarily sound like a problem when speaking of experts in their fields, but what about organizations, products, and the services they provide? How does this previously mentioned approach to learning and self-development affect them?
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Why Teams adopted Scrum during the Pandemic

July 5, 2022
During the first year of the pandemic, Scrum adoption more than doubled for software development teams. According to the 15th Annual State of Agile Report, the use of agile approaches for software development grew from 37% in 2020 to 86% in 2021. This means that agile adoption for software development doubled in a single year — the first year of the pandemic. I don’t think that is a coincidence.

Company Spotlight - Dyno Therapeutics - Using Scrum in BioTech

June 29, 2022
In this podcast we feature Professional Scrum Trainers and other Scrum Practitioners sharing their stories and experiences to help learn from the experience of others. In this episode, host Dave West interviews Tyson Bertmaring, Head of Partner Success at Dyno Therapeutics, where they discuss Tyson's experiences with Scrum and dive into the use of Scrum in BioTech. (23:09 Minutes)
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5 More Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Modify Scrum

June 29, 2022
In our recent article “Why You Shouldn’t Modify Scrum,” we discussed five reasons why modifying Scrum is counterproductive.  We’ll expand on the topic in this article by exploring five more ways organizations sometimes change Scrum and the impacts they might experience as a result.  

10 Tips To Facilitate Effective Sprint Reviews

June 28, 2022
In this webinar moderated by Patricia Kong, Professional Scrum Trainer Ravi Verma, Nagesh Sharma, Tony Lee share some common real-world challenges their clients and students have faced in their Sprint Reviews and ten adjustments that have helped them overcome these challenges.
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Wayne the Scrum Master?

June 22, 2022
Would Wayne be a good Scrum Master? If you're familiar with the Hulu show "Letterkenny", then you most likely already have an opinion. You be the judge on if Wayne's catchphrases set him up for success in his interview for a Scrum Master role.
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Meaning of Purpose

June 15, 2022
Scrum Guide 2020 mentions Sprint Goal and Product Goal because Scrum teams must have a Share Goal. The Share Goal is always essential, even though the Scrum Guide didn't say it before. Basically, the Common Goal helps the Scrum Team become consciously Autonomous. Because Autonomy will lead to chaos if the group doesn't have a Share Goal. (See picture below) In this article, I would like to share the problems the Scrum Team usually faces when setting their goals and making plans not to be unified or linked to achieving a Common Goal. Thereby, I share with everyone a compact tool that makes it easier for you to define the valuable Share Goals.
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Constraints, work capability, throughput and flow

June 15, 2022
Today I want to tell you a little bit of a story about a festival in England. You know what the English summertime is like. We went to a thing called Pub in the Park in Marlow, and it was raining. It rained really heavily. And we were wondering what to eat and we saw these different stalls and we were disappointed with the food we were getting. I was waiting a long time for my pizza, but I noticed something that they weren’t overloading themselves because they were taking their time taking the orders. They slowed down the arrival rate of orders coming to the pizza stall. So it meant, there was really like a very good flow, that The people were working completely in tandem. I could see there was a constraint there on the pizza oven. They probably could have done with two pizza ovens and that person seemed to be under a lot of pressure. But they didn’t take on any more work than they had the capability to take on. They were fully utilized but they first optimized their flow. It was like a really tiny portion for a lot of money. And so we said, let’s get some pizza. And we went to a pizza stall and there was a big, long queue. I asked my family to go in under a tent and I just had an umbrella, luckily, and I had rain gear and I waited in the queue and I was waiting for quite a while.