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Radical Remote Working

April 9, 2021
Companies have shifted to long-term remote work and employees across many different industries are accepting that the pre-pandemic workplace will not come back. I call this "radical remote".
Blog Post

Diversity in Scrum Teams Boosts Innovation

April 10, 2018
Teams with high diversity are more innovative. They have more perspectives that create a higher rate of idea flow. More new ideas are generated that lead to new products and innovations than in homogeneous teams.  What is innovation?
Blog Post

Why Diversity Matters

January 16, 2018
Diversity boosts innovation in companies in times, when the rate of outside change is high. Diversity of people across culture, gender, religion, physical ability, ethnicity and other individual differences have to offer value for the group. Diversity in teams can generate greater idea flow and help making faster and better decisions.