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[VLOG] How I became a PST

January 9, 2024
A real story of becoming a PST. Watch this video to get a good understanding of the process. It cost me 8 failures and 4 years of effort. It can trigger you to start the process and take action.
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[VLOG] Think of your Sprint Review

February 15, 2023
Is your Sprint Review effective? In this VLOG, I explain the foundation of the Sprint Review event concisely and precisely containing 4 questions to trigger you to think of improving your way of conducting the Sprint Review.
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Every Scrum Team Works on a Vibration - Professional Mind series (#2)

January 19, 2023
If you look at Scrum Teams all around the world, you recognize a spectrum of productivity from completely passive to fully proactive teams. Productivity is a word that is used to represent the state of our way of working as a team. But beneath it, there is a more fundamental concept called vibration. So, let me walk you through this deep concept.
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You are a Creation Machine - Professional Mind series (#1)

January 7, 2023
Are you aware that as a human being, you have the ability to convert thought energy into results in the physical world? And of course, you can choose which thought you want to convert. In this "Professional Mind for Professional Scrum" series I will walk you through the marvelous world of the mind that can boost the Scrum Teams spirit of goal achieving.
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Effective Collaboration on Sprint Board

December 30, 2022
Almost all Scrum Teams use a type of board to visualize their work giving them a better understanding of where they are currently and helping them make upcoming decisions. In this post, we investigate the techniques of effective collaboration on Sprint Board one by one.
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Scrum-friendly Environment

December 20, 2022
What are the characteristics of a Scrum-friendly environment that supports nurturing high-performing Scrum Teams? Such an environment is your north star that your organization can always get aligned against. In this post, you will get a clear and solid image of a Scrum-friendly Environment.