Diversity and Inclusion

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is key to, our values and the Scrum Values.  Our staff, Professional Scrum Trainers and broader global community are one of our greatest strengths and without diversity in this group, we cannot be successful in meeting our mission to help people and teams solve complex problems.  The below video gives you an opportunity to meet a few of our community members as they say hello.  


Driven By Diversity

Creating a diverse, inclusive environment has been an ongoing journey for many years and global proportions. One that requires courageous, bold actions from many people in an effort to help meet our mission to help people and teams solve complex problems.  

Without people to deliver the right value we will all fail.  The people on the team represent the products users, customers, partners, employees, leader and many others. To do so, that team must bring a diverse set of views, experiences, knowledge and opinion.

Diversity can come in many ways and should be valued as a way to build a stronger, more insightful team. is committed to supporting diverse teams through a community of professionals that are diverse and inclusive.  We have taught training classes in more than 80 countries around the globe and have certified individuals in many more.

We pride ourselves on living the Scrum Values and that drives everything that we at do.  Always committed to diversity and inclusion efforts, we have learned that they are not a finite goal, but a journey that requires constant inspection, adaption and effort.

Our approach to building the community around us is holistic in who we reach, how we reach them, and how far we reach. We are increasingly teaching students in new countries and continue to pursue diverse Professional Scrum Trainer candidates who are ready to help us and our customers.

We hope that you too take a diverse view of the world and join us in our effort to increase diversity in Scrum Teams around the world.

Increasing gender diversity in our PST Community

In an effort to increase gender diversity in our PST Community, we are trying to learn more from you on how to manage our Train-the-Trainer process and other actions. Please see this page to learn more and provide feedback. Gender diversity is only one dimension of our larger, ongoing effort toward social responsibility strategy.