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36 Scrum Stakeholder Anti-Patterns

June 6, 2022
Learn how individual incentives and outdated organizational structures — fostering personal agendas and local optimization efforts — manifest themselves in Scrum stakeholder anti-patterns that easily impede any agile transformation to a product-led organization.

The paradox of Sprinting at a Sustainable Pace

June 3, 2022
Building a product sometimes feels like an endless race, head down, pedal to the metal, let's build it! We all run after something and as a team incrementing our product to be the best possible set of functionalities our users ever wanted, at some point we get out of breath Sprinting. As Scrum Master and Coach I often have to remind people that our goal is not to run but build a pace we can be confortable with for a long period of time, a sustainable pace.

Professional Scrum Trainers - In Depth: Exploring the Journeys of PSTs featuring Sander Dur

June 1, 2022
If you are familiar with, you may associate the organization with Professional Scrum and/or Professional Scrum Training Courses and Certifications. Behind those hands-on training courses are highly qualified Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs), who go through a rigorous process to take their real world Scrum experience and create value for students. In several episodes of the Community Podcast, our host and CEO Dave West interviews Professional Scrum Trainers about their experiences that led to their becoming a PST and exploring what Professional Scrum means to them. In this episode, Dave interviews PST Sander Dur based in the Netherlands about his experiences. (16:52 Minutes)

Impulsores de la Agilidad

May 31, 2022
La agilidad está de moda y su adopción es un tema pendiente en muchas organizaciones. La agilidad promueve un cambio cultural que se basa en los principios y valores ágiles que llevan a adquirir capacidades de respuesta al cambo para hacer frente a la dinámica del contexto del mercado con foco en la entrega de valor en los clientes.   La agilidad requiere el uso del enfoque empírico para generar valor de forma incremental, la base de Scrum, complementado luego con la inspección de los resultados basada en el aprendizaje de los clientes para generar una adaptación apropiada.

Guiding Teams in Multi-Skill Development

May 31, 2022
The work of solving a complex problem (for example, a feature) with interdependent tasks rarely distributes evenly among the people in a cross-functional team. The solution is a team of multi-skilled specialists. A team of multi-talented people experience fewer bottlenecks as they can help overloaded team members, and therefore reduce the time to solve a complex problem end-to-end. The team develops multi-skilled members by working in three preferred modes: pairing, mob-programming, and swarming continuously. Some other techniques are: StarMap, visualizing the flow of work, and Slack Time.
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The Purpose of the Five Scrum Events

May 31, 2022
There are five events in Scrum.  But just going through the motions and having each of the events on the calendar is not enough.  To get the most out of Scrum, your team needs to understand the purpose behind each of the five events.  

4 Misunderstandings About "Carryover"

May 31, 2022
In my last article, I explained why we need to stop talking about "carryover" and how it's not actually a thing in Scrum. "Carryover" is really just partially done work at the end of a Sprint. Now I will take you deeper and share the 4 common misunderstandings often associated with this concept, and how we can make the shift to creating better conversations about what really matters.

How Effective are your Scrum Events if you Can’t Even Book a Room?

May 30, 2022
How effective are your Scrum Events if you can't even book a room? This is an issue that many teams in real life are struggling with. In this blog, I'll share an approach that one of my teams is currently experimenting with, and it seems to be working for them. This blog aims to utilize all the learnings that we had to do due to Covid-19 and use them in today's reality. Maybe it's useful, maybe it isn't.

Ask a PST - Answering Your Toughest Questions About Scrum and Agile in Africa

May 26, 2022
In this episode of Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer, PSTs Alex Gbaguidi, Romuald Franck Kenmeugne Tchuinkam and Samuel Adesoga, all of whom primarily focus on work in Africa, answer your burning questions about Scrum and the challenges you or your teams may be facing. They also will be available to answer questions focused on the use of Agile and Scrum specifically in Africa.

Objetivos de Scrum y del marco de Gestión Basada en Evidencia

May 26, 2022
Scrum es marco basado en el empirismo. Un punto de partida para entender este concepto es que se refiere a la capacidad de adaptación a partir del aprendizaje de los clientes. Entregar valor a los clientes en el largo plazo es riesgoso debido a la incertidumbre de lo que puede suceder en el camino y no conoces. Scrum provee el Objetivo de Producto y el Objetivo del Sprint como formas de proveer dirección y propósito y a la vez que mejoran este empirismo a través de ciclos cortos de adaptación y entrega de valor desde el Sprint hacia el objetivo de producto.
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Scrum Events Reduce Meetings

May 24, 2022
One of the first things that I usually hear after describing the Scrum framework and its five events to someone new to Scrum is, “that’s a lot of meetings!” I get it — at first glance, it seems like a lot. But it really isn't when I get the person to take a closer look. This article provides a description of each event and how you can reduce the need for other meetings by practicing them.

Reworked - Don't Let Middle Managers Block Agile Transformation

May 24, 2022
Middle managers in today's organizations still act as the glue that enables things to happen. They connect, enable and provide what teams and first-line managers need to get their work done. They have experience in the work coupled with knowledge of the systems and processes of the organization. They know the right people and can navigate politics, ensuring their teams make progress. This article by Dave West talks about their role in Agile Transformations.

Guiding the organization in multi-skill development

May 23, 2022
Working from a single product backlog creates an inevitable knowledge gap in single-skilled team members. Over time, team members develop secondary or even tertiary skills and become multi-skilled specialists. On an organizational level introduce cross-functional managers that focus on the whole team development. Also you need to create a system of human operations that supports multi-skilled specialists.

Prinzipien sind essentiell für Produkterfolg

May 22, 2022
Scrum ist ein leichtgewichtiges Rahmenwerk um komplexe Probleme zu lösen. Die Regeln wie wir sie im Scrum Guide finden sind wichtig. Und dennoch wage ich zu behaupten, dass die unterliegenden Prinzipien noch wichtiger für einen nachhaltigen Produkterfolg sind. Erst dann kann das volle Potential von professionellem Scrum genutzt werden. 

Five Ways to Build Consensus

May 22, 2022
One of the things I struggled with at the start of my Scrum Master journey was building consensus in the team. Wanting to stay objective, give everyone space and time whilst still craving for a decision was a challenge for me. My own indecisiveness with regards to how to handle this ultimately did not serve the teams I worked with well as discussions did not seem to go anywhere and decision making was slow. Over time I learned that there are actually many already existing useful techniques that help with consensus building, and when and how to use them depends on the context and the situation you are in. Here are a few that have served me well as a facilitator.

Porqué decimos agile coach cuando queremos decir otra cosa

May 22, 2022
Me he encontrado varias veces que la gente en general no sabe qué hace un agile coach para las personas, los equipos y las organizaciones. Ser agile coach requiere un desarrollo de serias competencias, que en muchas sitios no están del todo bien comprendidas. Vamos a ver porqué decimos agile coach cuando queremos decir project manager agilizado o gestor de personas.